Halle Berry Admits Her Motivation To Staying Fit, Diabetes

In a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Halle Berry was complimented on how she looks just as amazing a she did in 1986, when she won her first beauty pageant.

Esquire’s sexiest woman alive, Playboys sexiest woman of the century, the list of beauty title’s Halle Berry has won goes on and on since her pageant days. However, her reasoning for staying in shape may not be what you think.

“Its only because I’m diabetic honestly, that little disease has kept me conscious about what I eat, what I do, if I workout or not.  It’s really been a really good thing in my life”

Halle Berry has a more severe form of diabetes, diabetes type 1, that can cause one to be insulin dependent.

She explained that being a mother now, her role of staying healthy is even more important to her, not just for her health, but to be there for her daughter Nala.

Over the years Halle has learned how to control and maintain her disease, and is able to eat and indulge a little. Admitting that she eats bacon, even pork.“In moderation that’s the key, all things in moderation” she says.