Working Out Saved Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Life


Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers the March issue of Shape magazine. Looking and feeling in the best shape of her life, the 34-year old actress says it hasn’t always been easy.

In 2007 the actress was under much scrutiny after flaunting her body while vacationing in Hawaii. When not so flattering pictures surfaced and the media took storm. Shape magazine approached Hewitt about gracing the cover of the magazine and er response was “It’s a very big deal to be asked to be in a bathing suit, because in Hollywood sometimes when your an actress turning 34 years old their like maybe you should go pack your bag”.

She is learning that the body really does respond to what you put into it, workout wise, food wise, sleep wise. “I find that when I am well rested, working out and when I’m drinking a lot of water, I feel better, so I look better, and I dont want to lose that feeling”.

After the devastating loss of her mother, Jennifer learned the importance of working out and taking care of one self. “When life hits you so hard—whether someone you care for dies or your lover leaves you—working out can save your life. It certainly saved mine.”

Unlike most of hollywood, Jennifer doesn’t let the numbers on the scale dictate how she feels. She admits that she never looks at a scale “I don’t know how much I weigh, I go on how I feel in my clothes, thats what’s really important to me, not what everybody else thinks.

Try Jennifer’s full body workout below;


Check out the full article here; Shape


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