Jillian Michaels “Slim For Life” Tips


Jillian is back!

After taken some time off to be a new mom, Jillian Michaels is back to whip you into shape. Season 14 of The Biggest Loser welcomed her with open arms and so did Wendy Williams when she went on The Wendy show to promote her new book “Slim For Life”.

The fitness trainer knows what it is like to be heavy and struggle to keep the weight off. As a teenager she was over weight. In her new book “Slim for life”, she talks about how she lost and kept the weight off, and how you can too.

Here are some tips she shared on The Wendy show that can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good!


The cooler the core the harder you train. If you hold cold water bottles or cold hand packs while you run or jog you can go longer and faster. Also the smell of peppermint oil enhances your intensity while training.


Drinking tea helps curb appetite , helps burn fat, and boost your metabolism. Caffeinated tea can also help the intensity of your workout, which in turn will help you burn more calories.


Oranges, reds and yellows are all colors that stimulate your mind and enhance your appetite when you see them. Studies show that seeing the color blue helps decrease your appetite. Fill your kitchen with blue plates, cups or even put on some blue colored glasses to indulge less while eating.


Portion size is crucial when trying to stay healthy and or lose weight. Control your portion sizes by making some of your fave desserts in a muffin tin. This way you won’t have to waste time counting calories anymore.


Capsaicin, a main ingredient in spicy foods helps speed up your metabolism. People who consume spicy foods naturally eat less food partly because your taste buds are overwhelmed. Jillian advises to heat it up!

She also encourages you to dish the traditional spoon and fork and grab some chopsticks. It takes on average, 20 minutes to feel full when eating. If you use chopsticks, you’ll grab less food and take longer to finish it all, preventing any chance of binging. If you don’t have chop sticks in reach eat with your non dominant hand.


For more of Jillian’s tips check out her book “Slim For Life” which is now available in book stores and online.

Beyonce Dishes Her Secret Diet


Beyonce is looking amazing on the cover of this months Shape magazine!

Showing off her post-baby flat tummy, Beyonce is definitely still bringing her Sasha Fierce A-game to the fitness table. If your wondering how the talented performer’s body bounced back within just three months after having her baby here’s how; She attributes 80 percent of her weight loss to cutting back on certain foods.

After gaining 57 pounds while pregnant, Beyonce explained it wasn’t easy getting the pounds off, but changing her diet really helped. Check out the snippet below from Shape magazine where she dishes her diet secrets;

“I ate a very low calorie diet. I stayed away from red meat and ate a lot of fish, replaced pasta and rice with quinoa, and drank only water. Eliminating all other liquids really brings down the calorie count. Of course exercising is important, but I think watching what you put into your body is extremely effective in terms of shedding pounds.”

Although eating clean is a priority for Beyonce, she admits she really isn’t one to count calories anymore to stay on the right track. She explains instead she now balances her meals out with healthy greens and proteins.

Here is what a typical days diet looks like for Beyonce;


and on her cheat day (yes, even Beyonce gives herself a break to indulge), which is on Sundays, she likes to go all in and eat pizza.

Maria Menounos Is A Workaholic


I think it’s safe to say Maria Menounos is a workaholic.

I know because I work at one of her companies, Afterbuzz TV. If she’s not running her Afterbuzz TV aftershow business, she’s reporting on Extra Tv, or wrestling for WWE, or Dancing With The Stars, or doing a photo shoot for a fitness magazine, and the list goes on and on, And yet she still finds the time to workout and stay looking fabulous.

Currently she is promoting her new movie The Adventures of Serial Buddies, a comedy out this week, in which she produced.

Fitness magazine was able to catch up with miss busy body for a quick interview, where Maria talks about her favorite workout, and her favorite healthy snack.

I know you’ve done DWTS and even WWE wrestling. What’s your favorite workout?

“I do this all day [running from one gig to the next]! Sometimes I play basketball with a bunch of guys. I recently took a Spin class, which I loved but thought was really hard. And once, I took this drum class, where we were doing squats the whole time. I like to make my workouts fun so I don’t feel like it’s work. And speaking of WWE, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got a trainer and learned how to wrestle. They were shocked.”

What’s your go-to healthy snack?
“Rickland Orchards granola bars—they’re really yummy and easy to eat on the go.” (Menounos is a spokeswoman for the company.)

And I agree! Rickland Orchards are the yummiest granola bars. Maria has lots of the bars in the Afterbuzz TV studio, in which I melt every time, after eating my fave, the coconut flavored bar.

See what else Maria had to say during the interview at fitnessmagazine.com

Check out Maria showcasing her fit body and fit activities on her Instagram




Follow her on Instagram @ mariamenounos78

Serena Williams’ Core Power


Serena Williams is one athlete who displays strength, both on and off the tennis court.

Now she is showing you how to get strength like hers, with her new Core Power workout that’s available on the Nike training app.

Fitsugar.com caught up with Serena during the filming for the app, and this is what she had to say about the workout;

“the drills featured in the Core Power workout are based on key exercises I do regularly to stay strong. Everything I do on court begins with strength from the core, so it’s the perfect foundation for my training as a tennis player.”

Check out the sneak peek pics below, showing Serena working the stability ball, and using resistance bands in a diverse way.


My abs already hurt just looking at it.

Head over to fitsugar.com for the workout how to’s or
download the app on NTC to get your Serana On!

Danni Wins The Biggest Loser


Fourteen seasons later, and Jillian Michaels and her team of trainers are still inspiring and changing lives on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. After 3 months of hard work, sweat, tears (and Jackson’s puke) the contestants had their final weigh ins and a shot at winning a quarter million dollars.

On monday in Culver City, I was able to attend and cover the Biggest Loser finale for my weekly Biggest Loser after show on Afterbuzz TV.

The transformations were inspiring! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes seeing the drastic changes as the contestants walked out in front of me on stage.

If you haven’t been watching let me catch you up to speed;

Fighting child obesity was a major priority this season. BL decided to take on three overweight kids Sunny, ALex and the lovable Bingo. America’s favorite trainers were able to help the kids shed the pounds, improve overall health, and achieve some of their goals like being able to make the cheer squad, baseball team, and fit into a prom dress.

Winning the $100,000 at home challenge was Pam. Pam lost 113lbs and 46.12 percent body fat.

The three Biggest Loser finalist boiled down to Jackson, Jeff and Danni.

Danni may have been the last one standing on Jillian’s team, but she was the one to win it all! Losing a total of 121 pounds and 46.9 percent body fat, Danni is this seasons biggest loser!

Check out my Afterbuzz aftershow below where I recap the Biggest Loser finale and give you the behind the scenes exclusives with my cohost’s Lauren and James.

Afterbuzz TV Biggest Loser Finale

Ask A Celebrity Trainer: Michael Myers


Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a personal trainer that whips all your favorite celebrities into shape? “Ask A Celebrity Trainer” is a new Q & A series, that will get your fitness questions answered by the professionals who train the stars.

Fit With Fallon caught up with Personal Trainer Michael Myers to kick off our first series. While working for the Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins, Michael has trained Kelly Rowland, Terrence J, Pink, Tia and Tamera Mowry and many others. Mike also teaches an intense boot camp class at Crunch fitness in West Hollywood. Check out what Mike has to say about eating before your am cardio.


Do you recommend your clients to workout out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or do you prefer them to eat before their morning workout?


Cardio on an empty stomach is cool, if immediate weight loss is the goal. However, if you are doing a full body workout I recommend eating before working out because you have to wake your metabolism.


In an episode of “Tia & Tamara”, Michael explained to Tamara how important it is to eat before having an intense full body workout by saying “You can’t drive a car with no gas”.

Check out Mike in action with the clip below:

Want to train with Michael or take one of his boot camp classes? Head over to michaelmyersfit.com for more info.

Guiliana Rancic Gets Fit For Danskin


E! News girl Guiliana Rancic is the new face and body for Danskin Apparel.

The reporter shared her new ad campaign on her Instagram telling all her followers to go and follow Danskin for daily inspiration.

Guiliana is no stranger to fitness. She enjoys an active lifestyle so much that she created and owns a website called fabfitfun.com. The website is your go to for everything health, fitness, fashion, wellness and beauty.

In the Danskin ads, Guiliana is quoted saying something motivational;

“When life pushes me, I push back…harder”

Check out Gulianna working it for the camera in her Danskin apparel below



Head over to Danskin.com for fab and affordable fitness apparel.

Hollywood Food Trend: Low Calorie Wine


Wine and dine like a celebrity, guilt free!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities are always seen out and about, wining and dining, but somehow, never seem to pack on the pounds?

One of their secrets may be Skinny Vine wine. Skinny Vine wine is a new california wine that claims to keep you skinny! How so, you ask? With less than 100 calories per glass, you can enjoy more than one glass, guilt free, without having to plan your next visit to the gym.

The low calorie wine is made with a special filtration process that removes some of the alcohol in the wine taking away a bunch of the unnecessary calories with it. And dont worry about the taste being taken away, Skinny Vine makers are so confident that you won’t be able to taste the difference between theirs and other wines on the market, that they are having a skinny vine wine taste challenge, challenging customers to see if they can taste the difference.

You can have your drink of choice with three different types of wine available to choose from moscato, chardonnay, and zin.

Skiny Vine wine claims their wine is “as sweet on the lips as it is on the hips”.

Skinny girl vodka watch out you got some competition!

See where you can purchase your bottle here

Best Body: Pink vs Kelly Rowland “Abs”


Kelly Rowland faces off with Pink in the best body “abs” contest women’s edition. Do you love a ripped “adonis belt” aka “v-cut” like Pink’s? Or do you find a less ripped, more sleek and toned stomach like Kelly Rowland’s more attractive?

Weigh in below using the poll to vote which singer you think has the best abs.

Chilli’s Brazilian Booty Lift


Chilli from the popular 90’s R & B group TLC got up off the Wendy Williams couch on Friday during her interview to show Ms Williams how to get a Brazilian booty.

New spokes person for the Brazilian Booty Lift brand, Chilli shares on her website fitchilli.com how to get your own nice butt.

Chilli gave Wendy a tap on the butt to emphasize the importance of squeezing those glutes while doing the exercise.

Chilli explains the routine is suppose to lift and tone the butt, tighten the hamstrings, and strengthen the quads.


Check out the clip below to see Chilli get down and dirty to demonstrate the move.