Danni Wins The Biggest Loser


Fourteen seasons later, and Jillian Michaels and her team of trainers are still inspiring and changing lives on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. After 3 months of hard work, sweat, tears (and Jackson’s puke) the contestants had their final weigh ins and a shot at winning a quarter million dollars.

On monday in Culver City, I was able to attend and cover the Biggest Loser finale for my weekly Biggest Loser after show on Afterbuzz TV.

The transformations were inspiring! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes seeing the drastic changes as the contestants walked out in front of me on stage.

If you haven’t been watching let me catch you up to speed;

Fighting child obesity was a major priority this season. BL decided to take on three overweight kids Sunny, ALex and the lovable Bingo. America’s favorite trainers were able to help the kids shed the pounds, improve overall health, and achieve some of their goals like being able to make the cheer squad, baseball team, and fit into a prom dress.

Winning the $100,000 at home challenge was Pam. Pam lost 113lbs and 46.12 percent body fat.

The three Biggest Loser finalist boiled down to Jackson, Jeff and Danni.

Danni may have been the last one standing on Jillian’s team, but she was the one to win it all! Losing a total of 121 pounds and 46.9 percent body fat, Danni is this seasons biggest loser!

Check out my Afterbuzz aftershow below where I recap the Biggest Loser finale and give you the behind the scenes exclusives with my cohost’s Lauren and James.

Afterbuzz TV Biggest Loser Finale


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