Maria Menounos Is A Workaholic


I think it’s safe to say Maria Menounos is a workaholic.

I know because I work at one of her companies, Afterbuzz TV. If she’s not running her Afterbuzz TV aftershow business, she’s reporting on Extra Tv, or wrestling for WWE, or Dancing With The Stars, or doing a photo shoot for a fitness magazine, and the list goes on and on, And yet she still finds the time to workout and stay looking fabulous.

Currently she is promoting her new movie The Adventures of Serial Buddies, a comedy out this week, in which she produced.

Fitness magazine was able to catch up with miss busy body for a quick interview, where Maria talks about her favorite workout, and her favorite healthy snack.

I know you’ve done DWTS and even WWE wrestling. What’s your favorite workout?

“I do this all day [running from one gig to the next]! Sometimes I play basketball with a bunch of guys. I recently took a Spin class, which I loved but thought was really hard. And once, I took this drum class, where we were doing squats the whole time. I like to make my workouts fun so I don’t feel like it’s work. And speaking of WWE, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got a trainer and learned how to wrestle. They were shocked.”

What’s your go-to healthy snack?
“Rickland Orchards granola bars—they’re really yummy and easy to eat on the go.” (Menounos is a spokeswoman for the company.)

And I agree! Rickland Orchards are the yummiest granola bars. Maria has lots of the bars in the Afterbuzz TV studio, in which I melt every time, after eating my fave, the coconut flavored bar.

See what else Maria had to say during the interview at

Check out Maria showcasing her fit body and fit activities on her Instagram




Follow her on Instagram @ mariamenounos78


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