Wendy Williams Sheds The Weight & A New Book “Ask Wendy”


With the release of a new book and a hit talk show, Wendy Williams wants to look better than ever.

This past Sunday, Wendy hosted the Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards and boy did she look good. Twenty pounds lighter than a year ago, Wendy was glowing. Wendy announced that she wanted to lose the extra weight before she turned fifty (she will turn fifty July 2014). She believes that it is necessary to be happy when you turn fifty because it is such a big milestone, and if you are not satisfied with your life (including your appearance), your going to “want to jump off a building”.

It is no surprise that Wendy Williams likes her food, and like most people, she has to take it day by day when it comes to dieting. She told her online “After Show” audience, “My weight is under control, although it can spin out of control at any given time. You know I love my food.”

She also makes a valid point about eating the right food in her after show segment. Most people think that just because the foods they are eating are healthy, they will lose weight, when in reality, it is the portion size. Wendy states, “You can have the … healthiest foods ever, but if you’re going to eat too much out of it, it’s not going to work.” Now at 175 pounds, Wendy Williams is feeling great about herself and even got a gig with Peta showing off her new body. She is now part of the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign joining Eva Mendes and Khloe Kardashian.

Wendy William’s new book Ask Wendy is in stores now. To learn more about her diet and weight loss secrets, check out the video underneath.

Fitness Contributor Stefani Romagnoli


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