A New Hollywood Obsession: SoulCycle


It seems like celebrities are always looking for new ways to workout and stay in shape, whether it is a new yoga class or an intense session at Barry’s Bootcamp. Nowadays there is a new love going around called SoulCycle. It has become a new Hollywood obsession, and classes everywhere sell out in seconds. Everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Tom Cruise to Anderson Cooper enjoy this new way to exercise. One might wonder how SoulCycle is different than regular indoor spin class and why someone would spend $34.00 on a class, but according to participants, it is worth every cent. Yes, SoulCycle is in indoor cycling class but unlike spin class, SoulCycle is stretching and cycling all at once. You get a total body workout rather than just working on your thighs and legs. It is described as “part dance party, part therapy, part communal high”. It combines the breathing taught in yoga while the intensity of cycling taught in a spin class, while also working your upper body. People describe it has a type of “high”. As of now, SoulCycle classes are only located in New York and Los Angeles, but in the next year or two, SoulCycle will be expanding to cities like DC, San Francisco, and Chicago. Everyone looks for a new way to exercise that they actually like, and this might be the one for you.

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


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