Trisha Yearwood’s Road to Transform Her Life


Trisha Yearwood, country singer and wife to Garth Brooks, recently caught everyone’s attention by losing thirty pounds. However losing the weight wasn’t an as easy task for Trisha. In fact, it wasn’t until her parent’s death that she decided she needed to make a difference in her life. Yearwood shares with E! Online,

“Part of their illnesses were related to their lifestyles and diets”, whose mother died of breast cancer and whose father died of adult-onset diabetes.

She says that her focus on her diet was not to lose weight but to lead a healthier life. Her husband Garth Brooks has also lost twenty pounds by following his wife’s example. Trisha admits to People Magazine,

“This is not some crazy fad diet. It’s a lifelong change. I’ve seen a lot of ‘before and afters’ and this is really a ‘during.’ I’m not done. I don’t know what my goal weight is, but I’m proud of myself. I’m really happy where I am.”

She also told People Magazine her Diet Guidelines:

1. Listen to your cravings. If you’re craving something sweet, indulge yourself with a small bite of something satisfying.

2. Set small goals. Yearwood didn’t announce that she wanted to lose 20 or 30 pounds; she just quietly started eating less and less.

3. Don’t give up everything all at once. Make food swaps gradually.

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty/MCA Nashville

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


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