Snooki and Kendall Jenner Fight Back Against “Being too Skinny” Remarks


Snooki sure has been progressing with her weight loss since having her baby, but not everyone is impressed with her accomplishments.

Just recently, she posted a pic on Instagram showing how she is taking her health serious, so far losing 42 pounds. But critics

Snooki responded: “Too skinny my ass. #FIT.”

The “Jersey Shore” star has been following a strict diet and workout routine to get her the great body she has now. Way to go, Snooks!

Snooki is not the only celeb that slammed critics for being “too skinny,” Kendall Jenner too has also received the same criticism.

Jenner just recently posed for Harper’s Bazaar magazine for the April 2013 edition, but during an interview with Harper’s Arabia, she opened up about the taunts about her weight, saying:

“I’m constantly criticized for being too skinny. I’m trying to gain weight but my body won’t let it happen. What people don’t understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it’s not a nice feeling.”

We agree, Kendall.

Regardless of the harsh criticism, we still think that Snooks and Kendall look amazing! Keep up the great work girls!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: E!Online,



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