Kate Middleton Prepares For A Healthy Birth

kate midd

The Duchess of Cambridge is definitely trying to make giving birth as easy as possible!

The mom-to-be has taken control of the activities that she wants to take place when giving birth for her due date July 14th!

According to British tabloids, The Duchess is considering hypno-birthing, which assists in decreasing stress and pain during childbirth.

Grazia Mag says that she wants a natural birth, and wants to be in a more positive state of mind. She will also be using a birthing pool to keep relaxed.

Aside from the hypno-birthing, Kate has been swimming and doing Prenatal yoga to keep calm and ready for the Royal baby’s arrival.

Yoga has helped The Duchess with any anxiety and stress for being a first time mother, and the deep-breathing techniques used will help with the pain during labor.

The sex of the baby is unknown at this time, even for Will and Kate.

A special announcement will be made public by a note being placed on the Buckingham Palace gates.

Congrats to the soon to be Mom and Dad: Will and Kate!

Hannah Townsley: Fitness Correspondent

Photo Credit: E! Online, Google


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