Fallon’s Fit Tip: Hydrate With Coconut Water

Picture 11

You have spotted many celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna on the scene drinking coconut water, but it’s more than just a cool looking fad to have in your hand when spotted by the papz. There are many benefits to drinking the Caribbean drink from helping with losing weight naturally, to lowering your risk for cancer.

You may be surprised to know that 100% coconut water has more potassium then a banana, It’s low in fat with no sugar added. It also includes your 5 essential electrolytes. So if you ever find yourself feeling dehydrated, grab for some coconut water quick!

Because of the benefits of all the electrolytes, it can also be used as a great hangover remedy. It acts as an aid carrying oxygen to the bloods cells, which will leaving you feeling replenished and refreshed.

The lauric acid in the water helps actively fight viruses, detoxifies the body, helps balance the PH in your body, need I say more?

To benefit from one of Mother’s natures best, look for 100% coconut water that’s organic, not from concentrate, with no preservatives.

You can also add your coconut water in your shakes when juicing. This is definitely a great summertime refreshment!



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