Exclusive: “Fit With Fallon” Hits The Gym With McKinley Freeman

Mckinley & Fallon Talking Fitness

Mckinley showing Fallon Oblique Twist

Vh1’s star Derrick Roman aka McKinley Freeman has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s not just for his fine acting chops.

The leading male actor on the show “Hit The Floor” has a chiseled physique, similar to a Roman god. If his work ethic on set is anything close to his work ethic in the gym, we have a feeling he is definitely going places.

We caught up with the 6’3, 195 lbs of all muscle Actor yesterday at Crunch gym in Burbank to talk career, the season finale, fitness and being the networks best set of abs.

Check out the exclusive interview below, and McKinley’s two workouts that work the core;

FWF: Congratulations on a successful first season, and being able to do a second season. How does it feel to be casted on such a great show and to have such a great response?

McKinley: From the moment I went to the table read I said ok, this could be something special. And then as we continued to shoot more episodes, and just feeling the family amongst the cast, it has been a really, really amazing experience and the finale is going to be fun, so I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond to it.

FWF: I hear you’re a fitness guru and that you workout a lot.

McKinley: It’s like my second job. I would say I’m more like a mad scientist, I am willing to try just about anything from kickboxing, kettlebells, just anything.

FWF: You play an athlete on TV do you train as hard as one?

McKinley: Preparing for the Hit the Floor, I was boxing, I was doing sprints, I was taking stairs, I was taking yoga. You have to show up ready (for the role).

FWF: Playing an athlete are you ever afraid of working out too hard and getting injured because it could affect your role?

McKinley: There are things that I can do that I don’t have a problem with, then there are

things that I do have to monitor myself with…I don’t stretch, I need to stretch more. Yoga honestly is one of the hardest things I have ever done. 

FWF: Is it true cupcakes are your guilty pleasure and that you love mac & cheese and fried chicken?

McKinley: I enjoy eating whatever, M&M’s, soul food. I believe everything (is fine) in moderation.

FWF: Do you have a gym game plan?

McKinley: I try to start with the cardio part because if I’m tired at the end I’m probably not going to do it, so I do that first,  then I’m looking around to see who is in the most pain, then I say ok I’m going to try that.

McKinley’s Core Workouts:

Kettle Bell Cleans (On a bosu ball)

  • With one hand holding the kettle bell squat down while on the bosu ball
  • On your way up out of your squat lift the kettle above your head into  a full extended clean motion
  • 4 sets 10-15 reps

The Hundred

  • Toe touches 100
  • Oblique twist (feet up) 10 on each side
  • Side oblique crunch (side plank  can add a weight) 10 each side
  • Side plank (30 seconds) switch sides
  • Repeat Set 10x nonstop

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