“Sex and The City” Star Says Yoga Saved Her Life


What does Kim Cattrall, of “Sex and the City” fame, credit with “saving [her] life”? Something you’ve probably never heard of: “fizzy yoga.”

Properly known as physio-yoga or physiyoga, the regime combines yoga with physiotherapy in a one-on-one session that includes massage, yoga poses, physiotherapy adjustments, and meditative breathing. The 56-year-old actress told The Times of London that she was suffering from a sore right knee and “bruises bigger than a professional snowboarder” until the new yoga hybrid helped her to heal during her three-month stint performing in Tennessee Williams‘s “Sweet Bird of Youth” on the London stage.

“As I get older, I find that cardio is less important to me,” Cattrall said in the interview. “What I want to do more of is intense stretching.”

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With a background in physical therapy yoga instruction, Diana Zotos is one of Cattrall’s physiyoga instructors based in New York City. She told Yahoo! Shine that “fizzy yoga” is about teaching someone yoga, one-on-one, with a knowledge base of physical therapy. Zotos evaluates clients and then creates a personalized plan to help them strengthen and align their bodies, whether or not they have an injury, by retraining and rebuilding muscles.

Although Zotos estimates you could burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories an hour (at least double the rate of an average yoga class, though different classes vary) practicing the physiyoga, this workout isn’t about burning calories. Instead, she said, it’s about strengthening, alignment, and healing.

“It helps to awaken certain muscle groups,” said Zotos of the more holistic approach to healing and strengthening the body, which runs about $200 for an hourlong session. Her clients have included everyone from avid runners to yoga novices to people seeking relief from neck pain. “If someone pulls something or feels sore, I have a full tool box,” said Zotos.

She also helps correct clients’ posture and alignment using physiyoga, which strengthens deep core muscles. She described helping a writer who was unaware of how sitting all day at a desk was injuring his neck and shoulders. “Through stretching and strengthening, we changed his posture,” added Zotos.

Because you’re working one-on-one with someone, Zotos explained, it’s also safe. “It’s the safest form of yoga,” she said, reiterating the fact that instructors are trained in both physical therapy and yoga. “You’re not going to get hurt.” The customized yoga routine is hands-on and completely guided, she said.

So, it makes sense that combining physio-therapy and yoga could positively affect the body. Stephanie Creaturo, co-owner of Mala Yoga in Brooklyn, New York, and a yoga instructor, said these kinds of hybrids of yoga and corrective exercise have benefits in private sessions with clients. “Everyone’s body is so different,” she told Yahoo! Shine, “and yoga can really work for any body. It’s prehab instead of rehab.”

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Shelly Prosko, a licensed physical therapist and yoga therapist, agrees. “It empowers my client to take an active approach to their health, instead of the passive ‘fix it’ approach.”

Both Prosko and Zotos said they’ve seen an uptick in the number of clients looking to try physiyoga recently, but in the case of someone with a hectic, stressful schedule, like Cattrall, any type of yoga could be beneficial. “Yoga incorporates a strong mental and meditative component, making it a great way to manage high-pressure lifestyle situations,” said Kimberly Dawn Neumann, a certified fitness instructor in New York City. “It’s very difficult to heal if you have excess cortisol coursing through your body, which happens in times of high stress. It’s truly a mind-body workout and can positively impact exercisers on levels that transcend just physical fitness.”

Lamar Odom Drug Problem Revealed


Reports have shown that another famous athlete has allowed drugs to overtake his career.

Khloe Kardashian’s hubby Lamar Odom is reportedly addicted to crack cocaine.

Odom has been dealing with his drug problem for the past two years and is currently at an undisclosed location seeking help for his issue.

Last summer he spent three weeks at a rehab facility, and was reported that he was clean for the 2012-2013 season while playing for the L.A. Clippers. However, in 2001, he was suspended for violating the NBA’s substance abuse policy.

According to TMZ, things began to get shaky when Lamar’s wife Khloe Kardashian separated from him last Wednesday due to a failed family intervention.  It was reported that Kardashian is with her husband, and sticking to his side during this difficult time.

We here at Fit With Fallon hopes that Lamar gets the proper treatment and the necessary help to be healthy, and we hope to see you back on the courts! Remember, health comes first!

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Obama’s Take A Bike Ride!


When being the President does not fill up Barack’s schedule, he and his family like to go on a getaway.  On their most recent mini vacation, the family visited Martha’s Vineyard in Tisbury, Massachusetts.  Because Michelle has been motivating kid’s to workout and get some fresh air daily, it is no surprise to see the family go on a scenic bike ride.

Long story short, if the President can take time off to get some exercise, you most definitely can too!

Hit a bike trail or take a spin class to get your endorphins and blood flowing like the president and his family.

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper Says Diet Trumps Exercise In Weight Loss


So how important is dieting when you are trying to lose weight? Very Important!

According to “The Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper:

“It is all about your diet. I used to think a long time ago that you can beat everything you eat out of you and it’s just absolutely not the case.”

Harper has assisted people in losing weight, both on “The Biggest Loser” and off cameras, he even has DVD workouts and a book called “The Skinny Rules,” which gives advice on dropping excess weight.

But aside from promoting a healthy diet, Harper’s big part of his exercise regimen consists of lunges and core-strengthening exercises.

Harper says that this exercise helps people to get their heart rate up and once doing so, they can be able to burn fat.

Dr. Mark Kelly, an exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise believes that indeed diet can lower weight, but exercise allows the lower weight to stick.

Well we just want to say keep up the great work Bob, we hope to speak with you here at Fit With Fallon!

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Kate Hudson Taking Dancing Lessons from Derek Hough


Derek Hough revealed in an interview with E! News that he has been giving Kate Hudson private dancing lessons. Although Hough is using the time to get ready for the 17th season of Dancing With The Stars, Kate is merely doing it just for fun. Derek shared,

“I’ve been working with Kate Hudson a little bit lately for fun – just dancing for fun, giving her some lessons.”

Although Hudson will probably not be on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon, Derek did admit that he would love to see her on the show.

“She’s become a good friend and she’s great. I would love for her to do the show, but she would never. She’s fantastic. But I want her to maybe do a guest spot.”

Guess Kate will just stick to acting. As for Julianne Hough going back to Dancing With The Stars, her brother says he can’t see her returning, but Derek is extremely excited for the season due to a new format. But what’s that new format you ask? Guess you will have to watch season 17 and find out!

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Sharon Stone’s Shares Her Fountain of Youth Secret


A lot of people want to know what Sharon Stone‘s secret is to have her amazing looks.  At 55, Sharon looks like she could pass for 30 (if even that).  Unlike most people her age who despise growing old, Sharon is accepting the fact that she is aging.  The actress told E! News,

“I think I am aging but I’m enjoying the process.  I think that’s really it.  I’m enjoying my years, I’m enjoying my life, I’m enjoying my family.  I’m just happy — a happy person.”

When asked what her secret is Sharon was very firm on saying there is no secret, but she did admit what she thinks she does that keeps her fabulous.

“My secret is no secret.  I just do all the things you’re supposed to do.  I eat right, I sleep, I work out, I’m happy.  I have a beautiful family, nice friends.  I choose the good things.  I choose the happy, healthy things.  I don’t choose the bad, unhealthy, unhappy things.

Looks like Sharon is living the life and looks great while doing it, and you could do if you just follow the most important rule: BE HAPPY!

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Jennifer Nicole Lee Leads Outdoor Exercise Session


Work out is the name in Jennifer Nicole Lee’s game!

Just last weekend Lee led an outdoor workout session in the Hamptons, training Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin and family at her home.

The 38-year-old fitness idol is also known for launching her fitness career after losing her baby weight from pregnancy.

In an interview with Dynamic Duo, she said:

“My mom is great, but she was never really healthy or had energy to exercise with us. And then I became a mom and I started to fall into the same unhealthy pattern. So my frustration of being fat and frumpy really motivated me.”

Aside from obviously proving her fitness lifestyle, she eats right to maintain that amazing physique of hers.

“I really do eat like a ‘fun fit foodie,’ because I love healthy food, but with exotic flavors, that keep my taste buds happy.”

Well of course if you want to maintain a great bod like Jen, you definitely have to put in the work and maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising right. Remember, health first!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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Well Known Weight Loss Programs Losing Customers


It looks like some of the weight loss programs are actually losing some weight, the wrong weight….it’s customers. Oh no!

According to Yahoo, the popular weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers are losing money.

Jenny Craig’s sales have declined the first half of the year, Weight Watchers revenue is down 3.7 so far in this year, and even worse, Nutrisystem’s sales have declined since 2008, dropping 20 percent.

The blame? The economy.

The other blame….free apps! Apps such as My Fitness Pal has the same concept as Weight Watchers, but is free.

Weight Watcher’s Chief Financial Officer, says:

“The issue with free apps is that they’re taking trial [members] out of the market.”

The Spokesperson for Nestle (which owns Jenny Craig) Edie Burge  says:

“The entire weight-loss category is going through a transition during a difficult economic environment.”

The unfortunate part is that the Lean Cuisine meals, which Nestle makes, have also declined in sales.

NutriSystem Chief Executive Dawn Zier does not blame the internet. She believes that people only come to Nutrisystem because they want something more structured and was unable to find so elsewhere.

Aside from the commercials, Nutrisystem recently started selling five-day weight loos kits at Walmart to boost it retail sales.

On the other hand, weight loss programs such as Herbalife, Medifast, and USANA Health Services have done well so far this year.

Well, we hope that there is a level playing field, because as much as obesity is on the rise, these programs are a way of hope.

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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Pamela Anderson Practices Yoga


It seems that yoga has is very relaxing and popular among most celebrities, especially Pamela Anderson.

The 46-year-old former Baywatch star was in Hawaii on a family vacation practicing yoga outside of her hotel room.

Anderson also hit the beach in a two-piece, still looking good. Perhaps the yoga exercises have assisted in her maintaining her beach body!

The benefits of yoga can not only give you a sense of peace and calmness when doing so, like Anderson, but it can also help maintain a healthy weight.

So try some yoga if you want to maintain a great bod like Pammy!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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How Sports Drinks Can Boost Your Workout Performance


Who would have ever thought that a sports drink can help boost performance aside from quenching your thirst?

According to a study by the University of Central Lancashire, gargling and spitting out a sports drink can give you a better workout.

The study showed that cyclists who swished with carbohydrate-rich sports drinks covered more distance and felt less tired.

Study author Lindsey Bottoms says:

“When performing high-intensity exercise lasting less than 60 minutes, using a carbohydrate rinse for 5-10 seconds can improve performance. It could potentially allow you to train harder.”

How it works: Brain scans show that specific regions light up when carbs are in your mouth. The longer you rinse, the more time the carbs have to stimulate sensors in your brain. Bottom explains that it is really a mind trick.

“The concept of mouth rinse supports the idea that the brain is very much playing a key role in fatigue,”

Swishing boost your workout performance 2% and also helps prevent indigestion which people often experience from swallowing carbohydrates during a workout. This study proves to work on short term workouts.

So the next time you get that sports drink, instead of gulping it down, try a gargle.

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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