Gwyneth Paltrow Says Master Cleanse Made Her Hallucinate


Gwyneth Paltrow is known for being a health foodie, so much so that she even created her own line of cook books, her latest “It’s All Good”, which showcases delicious recipes that will make you look good and feel great.

Recently the actress/author teamed up with the Telegraph to share her knowledge on food and fitness. She explained how detoxing is an important yearly regimen for her, as well as going into detail about how the infamous “Master Cleanse” diet caused her to hallucinate. She explains;

Schedule in a detox
A detox is a great place to start before a diet. My doctor, Alejandro Junger, recommends a detox once a year to rid organs of processed food and environmental toxins. His theory is that the gut (your system of digestive organs) is the root of good health. It contains about 80 per cent of your body’s serotonin – which regulates appetite – so you’re more likely to lose weight when it’s working properly. This year I chose the Elimination Diet, which meant no additives or processed foods for three weeks.

Paltrow gives a serious warning about doing juice cleanses;

I’ve done juice cleanses in the past, and in my twenties I did the Master Cleanse, which left me hallucinating after 10 days. Be aware: a juice detox can crash your metabolism and lead to future weight gain.

Have you ever tried a detox or a juice cleanse? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below


2 comments on “Gwyneth Paltrow Says Master Cleanse Made Her Hallucinate

  1. I love a cleanse. Sorry, Gwyneth, but I don’t struggle with hallucinating; quite the opposite…total clarity! Get past the initial 3 days and my productivity goes through the roof. I don’t follow a set schedule when I cleanse…I simply mix a jug of water with a pinch of cayenne pepper, 6 tspns of lemon juice & 4-6 tspns of grade B maple syrup. I’m certainly no expert but this is my story.

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