Spice Girl’s Sporty Spice Preps For Marathon Run

picstitch-26The former Spice Girl is taking up some fitness challenges this year by training for some fitness events.

She has reportedly competed in the five mile National Lottery Anniversary Run and the Virgin London Triathlon, but is training for her biggest challenge yet, dun dun dun…the Great North Run!

The singer and mother of one will compete in the race in October to raise money for charity. This time it will be a 13.1 mile distance, and her biggest challenge yet, is to beat former athlete Iwan Thomas in the run.

Mel C says that she is training by running three times a week aside from hitting the gym, biking, and swimming.

She also is a little challenged by the distance, saying:

“It will be the furthest I’ve run in my whole life. I have been having lots of fun in the triathlon and enjoying the different disciplines of the swim, bike and run but I have never done long distances.”

As far as eating while training for the run, Mel C admitted that she is stocking up on carbs.

“It’s just a case of making sure you have enough fuel when you are demanding more of your body. So I am having more carbs for energy. I also have to make sure I eat regularly and never leave long gaps so I always having something in the tank,” Mel C says.

Congrats on staying healthy Mel, ya look great!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Via: Daily Mail


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