The Naked Truth About “Naked Juice”


Naked Juice, is not so “naked” after all.

The Pepsi Co. product that has claimed to be “All natural” and “non – GMO” (non- genetically modified organisms), has been deceiving customers long enough.

The company that has brought you products like Coca-Cola and Frito Lay chips, has recently settled a 9 million dollar lawsuit out of court, because it had misleading labels. Naked juice contained GMO ingredients as well as synthetic and un-natural products in its juice.

All the vitamins listed on the bottle are actually added content, and not from natural fruits in the juice. There was also an added ingredient called calcium pantothenate which is a compound that is synthetically produced from formaldehyde.

The word formaldehyde may ring a bell, It’s the chemical that is used in high school and other anatomy classes on dead cats and other animals. The chemical formaldehyde is used to disinfect the animal and preserve the dead organism.

Yikes! This smoothie is anything but 100% natural.

And to think Proposition 37, a right to know what’s really in your food ballot in California didn’t pass because companies like Pepsi Co. donated more than 2.5 million dollars to stop it.

Next time you go to check the label to see what’s in your food, know that you still may not really know what’s in it. Now I know why so many people have turned to making their own juices.


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