Forbes Releases List Of The Highest Paid Female Athletes

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Forbes Magazine recently released its list for the highest paid Female Athletes. Tennis player Maria Sharapova snagged the #1 spot on the list earning $29 million dollars. Coming in not far behind her was one of the William sisters, Serena Williams with $20.5 million dollars.

Check out the other female athletes that are really raking it in;

#1 Maria Sharapova (tennis) – $29 million
#2 Serena Williams (tennis) – $20.5 million
#3 Li Na (tennis) – $18.2 million
#4 Victoria Azarenka (tennis) – $15.7 million
#5 Danica Patrick (race car driver) – $15 million
#6 Kim Yuna (figure skating) – $14 million
#7 Caroline Wozniacki (tennis) – $13.6 million
#8 Agnieszka Radwanska (tennis) – $7. 4 million
#9 Ana Ivanovic (tennis) – $7 million
#10 Paula Creamer (golf) – $5.5 million

It looks like tennis players are the most lucrative of them all.



Chris Brown Suffers Seizure

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Last friday in Los Angeles 24 year old singer Chris Brown suffered a seizure while at a recording studio.

His Publicist Nicole Perna blamed the seizure on intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress. A doctor examined the 24-year-old but he was not hospitalized.

According to Magdy Selin, a Professor of Nuerology she says;

About 6% to 8% of all seizures occur because of extreme stress and sleep deprivation, rather than an underlying medical condition, such as epilepsy.

Chris Brown did not suffer any major side effects from the seizure. He proved he is feeling fully recovered and back to health when he played in a charity basketball game with the LAPD just two days after the incident. Not only did he play in the game, he played very well scoring a lot of points for the children of south LA.

With any demanding career, a proper amount of sleep, nutrition and exercise are all critical in preventing such medical conditions like the one Brown experienced.

Kobe Bryant Shows Off Achilles Tendon Surgery Scar


NBA Laker player Kobe Bryant seems to be in high spirits and good health after posting a pic on his Facebook page to show a pic of his surgery scar.

In April, Laker #24 underwent surgery after tearing his Achilles tendon on his left leg.

It has been three months since the surgery, but Bryant is up  and walking, and his really looking forward to returning to the court.

So far while rehabilitating, he has attended promotional trips, and even makes time for fans.

We just hope that he is taking his exercising lightly while recovering from the surgery.

Good luck Kobe, we can’t wait to see you on the courts next season!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Yahoo!

Boxer Miguel Cotto Switches Trainers


Former three-division title holder Miguel Cotto has made some changes, first switching trainers and returning to the promoter that helped boost his career.

Cotto took to the Twittersphere by announcing his changes, saying:

“I will be back in the ring on Oct. 5 on HBO with Top Rank and [with trainer] Freddie Roach in my corner.”

The 32-year-old Cotto will start training with Freddie Roach at Wild Card Gym in Hollywood than his usual training spots in Puerto Rico and Florida. Cotto has also decided to part ways with his former trainer Pedro Diaz.

Cotto’s advisor Gaby Penagaricano has said that Cotto wanted to try something new since he is returning to the ring in October, and that also happened when searching for a new trainer.

He wanted to try a few well-known trainers, and wanted to start fresh, and once trying different trainers, he clicked very well with Freddie Roach.

We look forward to seeing you back in the ring in October, Cotto!


Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Google

A-Rod Will Be Reportedly Suspended From Yankees For Using Performance Enhancing Drugs


It looks like A-Rod has been landed in some hot water. Oh, no!

The New York Yankees player has been reportedly taking prescription enhancing drugs, and the Major League Baseball said that he will be suspended on Monday for being linked to distributing them.

As far as how long the suspension will be, it is kept anonymous, but there are speculations that it will be throughout the 2014 season. A-Rod can get a shorter suspension if he chooses to file a grievance.

The negative part is that A-Rod was set to return to the game since hip and quadriceps surgery, and this report against him was leaked.

The good part is that A-Rod can play while this investigation occurs, but he did have some words about the MLB keeping him from playing, saying after Friday night’s game:

“There is more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field. When all this stuff is going on in the background and people are finding creative ways to cancel your contract and stuff like that, I think that’s concerning for me.” Yikes!

So far there have been 43 suspensions under the major league drug agreement since 2005. (Let’s hope that A-Rod isn’t an addition!)

This is an unfortunate event for A-Rod, but we hope that however long he will be out, that he keeps pushing harder and keeping healthy to get back in the lineups!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Google

Via: Fox News

Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards Snags New Reality Series & Reveals Her Secret Workout To Success


Olympic Gold medalist Sanya Richards is known for her athletic abilities but soon she will be known for much more.

The four time gold medalist will be hitting your televisions this summer starring in her own reality show called “Glam and Gold” which chronicles her life as an athlete, a business woman, and a wife to NFL player Richard Ross.

The hour long show first started off as a pilot last year, showcasing Sanya preparing for the Olympics in London. Back from London with lots of success under her belt, Mrs Richards- Ross is ready to take on the world.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Ross made their debut on WE tv showcasing their nupitials in 2010 when they got married on the channels show “Platinum Weddings“. The two were college sweat hearts who found a common love in each and in sports.

Even though Sanya stays busy with business ventures like having a hair salon, pursuing a career in entertainment, and being a wife to a Super Bowl Champion, she still finds time to train hard and workout.

Sanya typically works out five times a week on the track, incorporating weight training to her regimen as well. She admits that her secret to being a great athlete is pilates;

“My training regimens consist of my workouts on the track, weight lifting, and what people might not think I do, and what I really enjoy doing is pilates. Besides being on the track five days a week and lifting weights which I believe it helps me build my strength my stamina (but) I think pilates has been a great secret to my success. It has helped me to prevent most injuries by increasing my core strength and flexibility. I think pilates is a small thing that I do but a phenomenal thing that adds into the picture that makes me a great athlete”

Sanya also enjoys working out with her husband, explaining they better each other and push each other out on in the field and in life.

“At first he couldn’t keep up with me, but now he pushes me”

Check out the clip of the two love birds working out together in the clip below;

A thousand sit ups a day?? Wow! I can see why Sanya is a winner! Check out her Glam & Gold reality show that premieres on WE tv this summer.

Exclusive: “Fit With Fallon” Hits The Gym With McKinley Freeman

Mckinley & Fallon Talking Fitness

Mckinley showing Fallon Oblique Twist

Vh1’s star Derrick Roman aka McKinley Freeman has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s not just for his fine acting chops.

The leading male actor on the show “Hit The Floor” has a chiseled physique, similar to a Roman god. If his work ethic on set is anything close to his work ethic in the gym, we have a feeling he is definitely going places.

We caught up with the 6’3, 195 lbs of all muscle Actor yesterday at Crunch gym in Burbank to talk career, the season finale, fitness and being the networks best set of abs.

Check out the exclusive interview below, and McKinley’s two workouts that work the core;

FWF: Congratulations on a successful first season, and being able to do a second season. How does it feel to be casted on such a great show and to have such a great response?

McKinley: From the moment I went to the table read I said ok, this could be something special. And then as we continued to shoot more episodes, and just feeling the family amongst the cast, it has been a really, really amazing experience and the finale is going to be fun, so I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond to it.

FWF: I hear you’re a fitness guru and that you workout a lot.

McKinley: It’s like my second job. I would say I’m more like a mad scientist, I am willing to try just about anything from kickboxing, kettlebells, just anything.

FWF: You play an athlete on TV do you train as hard as one?

McKinley: Preparing for the Hit the Floor, I was boxing, I was doing sprints, I was taking stairs, I was taking yoga. You have to show up ready (for the role).

FWF: Playing an athlete are you ever afraid of working out too hard and getting injured because it could affect your role?

McKinley: There are things that I can do that I don’t have a problem with, then there are Continue reading

Sex Keeps Jason Sudeikis In Shape

jason sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis recently opened up to Elle Magazine about staying in shape; and when we say open up, we mean OPEN UP.  Jason revealed that his soon-to-be wife Olivia Wilde helps him stay in shape.  Yup, and it is exactly what you think.  Olivia helps him stay in shape THAT way.  He openly admitted,

“The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill. I have the greatest workout partner in the world.  And you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout.”

Well, at least he’s honest.  Jason is not the only one in the relationship who talks openly about their sex life.  Olivia made the comment in 2012 in an event in New York that her and Jason have,

“sex like Kenyan marathon runners.”

According to a vigorous session of passion can actually burn up to 300 calories, even more if you can add some yoga poses and planks in there. Keeping the covers on can also help, causing you to sweat more, which will also burn more calories.

If Jason and Olivia’s marriage lasts, they may never be need a gym membership.

Check out the gallery of the hot couple below:

Photo Credit: FlynetPictures/Getty Images

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Celebrities & Athletes Attend GBK’s Pre ESPY’s Gifting Suite For A Good Cause

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NFL player James Ihedibo was spotted showing off his Super Bowl ring at GBK‘s Pre-ESPY’s gifting suite in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Many other athletes and celebrities were in attendance enjoying a fun-filled day of  music, food and luxurious gifts.  The competitive spirit was definitely in the air as attendees took their chance competing in a poker tournament to help raise money for charitable organizations.

Even though former MLB player Jose Canseco says he’s great at playing Holdem’,  he didn’t stand a chance up against Professional poker player Tim Phan. Tim won the tournament, beating out actor Mekhi Phifer in the last round.

The cast of VH1’s new show “Hit The Floor” were reunited at the event including, leading actor McKinley Freeman who seemed to be all smiles with his gifts in hand. Jaguar’s tight end Marcedes Lewis stopped by and showed love and chatted with football Terrell Owens, and Basketball wife/reality star Laura Govan and her husband NBA player Gilbert Arena’s were seen mingling amongst the crowd. Other stars in attendance included Utah Jazz players Demarre Carroll and Trey Burke, Actor Giles Marini and many more.

Check out the gallery below to see pictures of the event;

Photo Credit: GBK Productions