Kelly Rowland Is A Fit Mom-To-Be

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Kelly Rowland, former member of the  famous girl group “Destiny’s Child”, is known for her vocals, but she is also known for her oh-so-amazing, to die for set of abs!

The Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Kelly Rowland teamed up back in 2011 and created a killer workout dvd called “Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland” that helped fans all over get in shape.

Fast forward to 2014,and a couple of workout dvd’s later,  the singer is still working out hard, and showing off her belly, but where her infamous abs once were, now holds a cute baby bump!

This mom-to-be isn’t using her pregnancy as an excuse to take some time away from the gym, instead she’s continuing that fit lifestyle she lived pre-baby on board.

From the looks of her instagram, Kelly seems to enjoy resistance training with bands to keep her tight, working on her balance using a bosu ball, and reducing stress and staying flexible with yoga.

Kelly’s trainer Jeanette Jenkins explains there are 7 major benefits of exercising during pregnancy;

1. Boost your energy

2. Helps you sleep better.

3. Reduces pregnancy discomfort. 

4. Helps you build strength to prepare for labor. 

5. Reduces stress/ Lifts your spirits.

6. Improves your self image. 

7. Helps with getting your pre-baby body back quicker after birth. 


It is rumored Kelly and her fiance Tim Witherspoon will be expecting their new bundle of joy in December of this year.

Fans are already speculating the sex of the baby, leaving comments on her social media pages saying that it looks like she may be having a boy according to how her belly is forming out to be. Whatever she has we hope it’s a healthy baby! Congrats Kelly!


Hmmmmm….Do I see a prenatal workout dvd in the works??? #Prenatalexercise


Exclusive: “Fit With Fallon” Hits The Gym With McKinley Freeman

Mckinley & Fallon Talking Fitness

Mckinley showing Fallon Oblique Twist

Vh1’s star Derrick Roman aka McKinley Freeman has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s not just for his fine acting chops.

The leading male actor on the show “Hit The Floor” has a chiseled physique, similar to a Roman god. If his work ethic on set is anything close to his work ethic in the gym, we have a feeling he is definitely going places.

We caught up with the 6’3, 195 lbs of all muscle Actor yesterday at Crunch gym in Burbank to talk career, the season finale, fitness and being the networks best set of abs.

Check out the exclusive interview below, and McKinley’s two workouts that work the core;

FWF: Congratulations on a successful first season, and being able to do a second season. How does it feel to be casted on such a great show and to have such a great response?

McKinley: From the moment I went to the table read I said ok, this could be something special. And then as we continued to shoot more episodes, and just feeling the family amongst the cast, it has been a really, really amazing experience and the finale is going to be fun, so I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond to it.

FWF: I hear you’re a fitness guru and that you workout a lot.

McKinley: It’s like my second job. I would say I’m more like a mad scientist, I am willing to try just about anything from kickboxing, kettlebells, just anything.

FWF: You play an athlete on TV do you train as hard as one?

McKinley: Preparing for the Hit the Floor, I was boxing, I was doing sprints, I was taking stairs, I was taking yoga. You have to show up ready (for the role).

FWF: Playing an athlete are you ever afraid of working out too hard and getting injured because it could affect your role?

McKinley: There are things that I can do that I don’t have a problem with, then there are Continue reading

Gabrielle Union’s Total Tummy Toner


Smokin’ hot actress Gabrielle Union lit the red carpet on fire this week at the ESPY awards alongside boyfriend/NBA player Dwayne Wade. What’s not to envy about her ultra cool confidence and super toned curves — especially in a Zac Posen gown like this?!

The Being Mary Jane star keeps her fantastic figure in check with the help of celebrity life stylist AJ Johnson of the AJ Zone. “She’s got great legs, a cute tight butt, and tight abs,” says Johnson. “The whole package together is hotness!”

You won’t find any arguments here! Now how about telling us how to get a piece of that package? According to Johnson, it’s all about establishing a partnership between food and exercise. One of their favorite toning exercises? Ball Squats, which upgrade the fun factor of regular squats by working in the aid of an exercise ball. With our eye on Union’s discipline (and that hottie beau of hers, Dwyane Wade) we’re resolved to get on the ball, pun intended.


Ball Squat


Standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and arms elevated out in front of you at shoulder height, stand against an exercise ball that is against a wall and behind you. Position the ball in your lower back area. With pelvis tucked (to focus on thighs and butt), slowly count to 8 and lower into the deepest squat possible. Keep your back erect with weight in your heels and don’t allow knees to shift forward over toes. This body position is great to help those with lower back and knee injuries or pain. Your aim is to sit deep enough that your butt drops below your knees. Sit in that deep squat position for a slow count of 5, then press back up to another slow count of 5, to the start position. The down and up is 1 set. Beginners repeat for 2 sets of 10 reps, intermediates repeat for 3 sets of 15 reps, and advanced repeat for 4 sets of 25 reps.


How To Get A “Thunder From Down Under” Body


Just recently, Reluctantly Healthy dished out some of the work out exercises that some of the Thunder from Down Under dancers do.

Two of the dancers Matthew Fardell and David Harris told Reluctantly Healthy that since they do 11 shows per week, they don’t have a lot of time train….but they did demonstrate some exercises that they do to work out the upper and lower body.

For the lower body workout they did a static lunge. For this exercise, you would take one leg, place it in of the other like you are walking but instead leave it in place and then bend your knees. You must keep your weight on the heel of the front foot. Make sure your knees doesn’t come over your toe, this ensures that you have proper balance.

Next they discussed a work out that works on the upper body. This work out is called the Assisted push-up. This isn’t the typical push-up that you do, instead you would need a work out partner to do it. First, stand up, then place the palm of your hands against the palm of your workout partners hands and then push back and forward to do the push-up. This will work out your arms and give you great upper body muscle strength, and not to mention those nice pecks like Fardell and Harris.

Want the great six pack? Ab exercises will surely do! Make sure to incorporate some sit ups and crunches to get that flat board muscular abs for the summer! If wanna look like some of these guys, incorporate some of these short exercises into your workout regimen!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Via Yahoo!, Google

Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Toned Abs


Recently, the beautiful “Extra!” host Maria Menounos took to the beach in Greece celebrating her 35th birthday with family and her boyfriend.

Menounos’ toned abs and a lean figure definitely defines this Greek bikini.

Maria once had to strip down into a two-piece on national television when she lost her Super Bowl bet earlier this year, but she had nothing to worry about because it seems this equity stays bikini ready all year long!

To get abs like Maria, we suggest some ab exercises like crunches, sit ups, or side leg raises that work out the sides of your abs for definition. Remember; keep your abs tight when doing this exercise!

Hannah Townsley: Fitness Correspondent

Photo Credit: E! Online

Floyd Mayweather’s Intense Workout Regimen Helps Him Beat Guerroro

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Cinco De Mayo kicked off this weekend with an exciting fight in Las Vegas, with the undisputed champ Floyd “Money” Mayweather back in the ring.

The undefeated champ kept his title after beating fighter Robert Guerrero. Making it to 12 rounds with barely getting hit, Mayweather stayed quick on his feet and landed more than 60 percent of his power punches.

In the 24/7 HBO documentary, where both fighters were filmed training for their much anticipated fight, Mayweather credits his 44th straight win to putting in a lot of hard work in the gym. While heading to his third workout of the day, during the documentary taping he says;

“To be the best, you’ve got to work overtime,” 

Getting older as a boxer, Floyd makes it a point to work hard, and treat his body right, by having an intense training schedule as well as not drinking alcohol.

“Everyone was saying at the age of 36 I don’t have it no more…All I want to do is give fans exciting fights.”

And with no signs of aging, or slowing down in the ring, he is definitely still giving his audience a great performance.

Check out two workouts that Floyd incorporates into his everyday training routine that helped him beat out Guerrero.

I like to call this the  “Money” workout;

Floyd’s ab workout: Sit up to Stand up with left/right jabs

Floyd’s Cardio Workout: Skilled Rope Jumping

Serena Williams’ Core Power


Serena Williams is one athlete who displays strength, both on and off the tennis court.

Now she is showing you how to get strength like hers, with her new Core Power workout that’s available on the Nike training app. caught up with Serena during the filming for the app, and this is what she had to say about the workout;

“the drills featured in the Core Power workout are based on key exercises I do regularly to stay strong. Everything I do on court begins with strength from the core, so it’s the perfect foundation for my training as a tennis player.”

Check out the sneak peek pics below, showing Serena working the stability ball, and using resistance bands in a diverse way.


My abs already hurt just looking at it.

Head over to for the workout how to’s or
download the app on NTC to get your Serana On!

Best Body: Pink vs Kelly Rowland “Abs”


Kelly Rowland faces off with Pink in the best body “abs” contest women’s edition. Do you love a ripped “adonis belt” aka “v-cut” like Pink’s? Or do you find a less ripped, more sleek and toned stomach like Kelly Rowland’s more attractive?

Weigh in below using the poll to vote which singer you think has the best abs.