Fit With Fallon: Transforming the Mind & Body with Yoga

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I remember the very first time I did yoga. I invited my friend to come with me to try it out. At the end of the hour class, the instructor dimmed the lights as we all laid in our pose of choice. I just laid on my back, I didn’t understand the concept of meditation, so I just prayed to God and relaxed. When I opened my eyes, I realized the class was over, the lights were on, my friend was gone,  and I guess I had fallen asleep. lol.

Since then, I realized I need more yoga in my life, not just for my body, but for the mind. The word yoga means “yoking together”. Yoga is a physical and mental spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform the body & mind. Yoga occurs when the mind is “still”.

I like to compare my mind to a 5 lane highway, I have constant different thoughts going on in each lane.  When someone asks “what are you thinking?” And people respond with “nothing” I just can’t understand, I am always thinking. Racing thoughts often keep me awake at night. So falling asleep in my first yoga class helped me “still” my mind, which I so desperately was in need of.


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Yoga has many elements to it. One element that we often associate yoga to is “Asana” which are the yoga poses.

These physical yoga poses are designed to help master the body and enhance the body’s functions. Yoga exercises help with creating strength and endurance, improving circulation and energy flow, expanding muscles and joints. It is also said to help “cleanse” the organs and other systems.

Yoga was created thousands of years ago from the need to help create a healthy body. When the body is stressed with tension, and disease, it is believed to get in the way of achieving inner peace.

Some physicians even prescribe yoga to patients as a complimenting intervention who suffer from; cancer, asthma, heart disease, depression and schizophrenia.

Even if you are in good health, I suggest trying yoga. A lot of local gyms that offer group classes will have a couple variations of yoga classes. If you have tried it before,  and it just didn’t do it for you, try a different form of yoga like Antigravity yoga, which looks like Circus Soleil, or even Bikram yoga where the room is heated like a sauna.

That being said, I headed to the beach this weekend to find some calmness and stillness of my own, and to work on some of my “Asana” moves. Check them out below;


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Photographer: Kevin Tello 

What’s your favorite Yoga pose? I love child’s pose, it’s the easiest and most relaxing for me.


Famous Outdoor Celebrity Workouts

picstitch-18So the summer is here, and working out outdoors may not be the first thing that comes to mind. For Madonna, she takes to the beach to do her workouts by running in the sand. By doing this, it can strengthen your ankles, arches, and muscles below the knees. Doing this workout can also burn 1.6 times more calories.

In great weather, horseback riding will be a suitable outdoor workout. 59-year-old former model Christie Brinkley does horseback riding as a way of working out her inner-thigh muscles and cores. We can admit no matter what age, this workout definitely benefits her!

For the colder weather, there is a work out for that as well. Heidi Klum takes to the snow to ski as part of a workout and time to spend with her family. Riding the slopes can help work out the quads and core, and can also help build up muscles in the legs. So if you are a busy parent looking to have fun and want a great workout, this may be for you!

Both Jennifer Love Hewitt and Courteney Cox play outdoor tennis as a way to get a total body workout. Aside from sweating, it can burn up to 600 calories per hour. With the many movements and ball swatting, it sure is a great way to get your entire body in shape!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Via Shape Magazine, Google