Usher Dishes In On Fitness Routine To Men’s Health Mag

usher men's healthThe talented and now muscular singer Usher is on the cover of Men’s Health Mag.

Usher is getting fit for his upcoming film Hands of Stone where he portrays boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

He dishes to the mag talking about his fitness routine and how he stays in shape, saying:

“I train like an athlete every day, believe it or not.”

Since taking on the role, Usher has been shedding weight to get from 180 pounds down to Leonard’s 146 pounds.

His second day of training he even rode his bike to and from the gym, which is 10 miles from his home in Atlanta. Talk about serious dedication!

But Usher understands as much as fitness is important, so is taking a break. He says:

Sugar Ray Robinson said the most potent weapon in boxing is rest. Now I realize you can’t push yourself all the way. You have to pull back a little bit.”

Can’t wait to see that great bod on the silver screen. Great job on the determination for the role, Usher!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley


BET’s “The Game” is Back! Actor Jay Ellis Talks Fitness, Healthiest Co-star & Attraction To Women Who Workout

Jay Ellis Talks FitnessEven though football season hasn’t officially started yet, it did last night on BET. The TV show called “The Game” is back from a mid-season hiatus premiering it’s eleventh episode. Lead character “Blue” played by Jay Ellis was also back in full effect looking amazing giving both on-screen love interest Kiera and fans at home something great to look at.
We previously caught up with Jay Ellis and talked to him about how he prepared for the role physically, not being shy showing off his body on-screen, which costar is the healthiest of them all and his attraction to women who workout.

Check out the exclusive interview below;

FWF: First episode of the game your character didn’t seem shy showing off his body. How did you prepare physically for the new role?                                                          JE: From the time I got the role until filming began I worked out 4 hours a day: I mixed it up-  cardio, weights, yoga

FWF: You play a football player, did you play any sports growing up?
JE: Basketball, football, soccer, in middle school and high school- I played basketball at Concordia University on a scholarship

FWF: What’s your diet like? Are you a vegetarian?
JE: High protein low fat, a lot clean foods- I eat 4 times a day and make 90% of my meals at home 2 protein shakes  low fat, low sugar

FWF: How do you like being on set with your new cast mates, and who would you say is the most health conscious?
JE: I love being on set- they are a lot of (fun), we get a long really well. Coby Bell eats gluten free, no sugar; he watches what he eats for sure.

FWF: Are you attracted to woman who workout? and if so, why?
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