Usher Dishes In On Fitness Routine To Men’s Health Mag

usher men's healthThe talented and now muscular singer Usher is on the cover of Men’s Health Mag.

Usher is getting fit for his upcoming film Hands of Stone where he portrays boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

He dishes to the mag talking about his fitness routine and how he stays in shape, saying:

“I train like an athlete every day, believe it or not.”

Since taking on the role, Usher has been shedding weight to get from 180 pounds down to Leonard’s 146 pounds.

His second day of training he even rode his bike to and from the gym, which is 10 miles from his home in Atlanta. Talk about serious dedication!

But Usher understands as much as fitness is important, so is taking a break. He says:

Sugar Ray Robinson said the most potent weapon in boxing is rest. Now I realize you can’t push yourself all the way. You have to pull back a little bit.”

Can’t wait to see that great bod on the silver screen. Great job on the determination for the role, Usher!

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Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley


Former Heavyweight Boxer Tommy Morrison Dies


Former Heavyweight boxer Tommy Morrison has passed away.

He died late Sunday at an Omaha, Nebraska hospital. He was 44-years-old.

There was no cause of his death, however, Morrison’s wife, has released that he died of respiratory and metabolic acidosis as well a multiple organ failure.

When Morrison was alive he went through controversy by being positive for HIV in February 1996. His mother Diana told ESPN that Morrison was dying of AIDS.

After he was diagnosed with HIV, Morrison had his personal doctor do a test and indeed it came out that he was HIV positive.

Morrison had admitted that he contracted the disease from a “promiscuous lifestyle.” He also said:

“I lived a permissive, fast and reckless lifestyle. I hope I can serve as a warning that living this lifestyle can really lead to only one thing and that’s misery. The only sure prevention of this disease is abstinence. This disease does not discriminate, and that is very, very clear to me now.”

In a recent ESPN story, it was said that Morrison was kept alive through a feeding tube and ventilator.

We here at Fit With Fallon give our condolences to the family of Tommy Morrison.

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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Boxer Miguel Cotto Switches Trainers


Former three-division title holder Miguel Cotto has made some changes, first switching trainers and returning to the promoter that helped boost his career.

Cotto took to the Twittersphere by announcing his changes, saying:

“I will be back in the ring on Oct. 5 on HBO with Top Rank and [with trainer] Freddie Roach in my corner.”

The 32-year-old Cotto will start training with Freddie Roach at Wild Card Gym in Hollywood than his usual training spots in Puerto Rico and Florida. Cotto has also decided to part ways with his former trainer Pedro Diaz.

Cotto’s advisor Gaby Penagaricano has said that Cotto wanted to try something new since he is returning to the ring in October, and that also happened when searching for a new trainer.

He wanted to try a few well-known trainers, and wanted to start fresh, and once trying different trainers, he clicked very well with Freddie Roach.

We look forward to seeing you back in the ring in October, Cotto!


Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Decides To Stay in Boxing A Little Longer


It looks like we will be seeing more of Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in the rings.

According to ESPN, the undefeated welterweight fighter admitted that he may not be done with boxing until the completion of his 30 month deal with Showtime that he signed earlier this year.

Mayweather told fans during his tour in San Antonio:

“After my five more fights, guess what? I think after getting to 49-0 we may stay in this sport a little longer.”

The Welterweight title holder had signed a deal worth an estimated $200 plus million, and said once the contract was up, which was after his fight with Robert Guerrero on May 4th, he would walk away from boxing.

But obviously Mayweather has had a change of heart. Perhaps he still has his heart set on fighting.

He had later mentioned to the fans:

“I want to rack up my six victories and hopefully do commentating and keep the sport of boxing alive. That’s what I’m focused on. I only have 30 months left, so I want to just help clean the sport up. After this fight I’ve got five more fights. That’s all I got to do, finish putting them stamps on my legacy.”

And with that decision, we can see why Mayweather is the Welterweight champ!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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Laila Ali Wows in Bikini

laila ali ppl

Former professional boxer Laila Ali displays her toned physique in her first ever bikini photo shoot for People Magazine.

The 35-year-old mother of two tells People how she wasn’t too concerned about getting her body back after giving birth to her second child.

“The second time around I knew what to expect so I was a little easier on myself. Once I saw that you have to eat right and exercise, that’s what I did and it worked. I have to work out to be fit. I love running. I run three times a week, and I do strength training and weights. And sometimes I throw a little spinning in there.”

Aside from working out, Ali watches what she eats by sticking mainly to proteins and vegetables.

We have to admit that Ali’s diet and work out regimen works in making her one hot mama!

Via People Magazine

Floyd Mayweather’s Intense Workout Regimen Helps Him Beat Guerroro

Picture 5

Cinco De Mayo kicked off this weekend with an exciting fight in Las Vegas, with the undisputed champ Floyd “Money” Mayweather back in the ring.

The undefeated champ kept his title after beating fighter Robert Guerrero. Making it to 12 rounds with barely getting hit, Mayweather stayed quick on his feet and landed more than 60 percent of his power punches.

In the 24/7 HBO documentary, where both fighters were filmed training for their much anticipated fight, Mayweather credits his 44th straight win to putting in a lot of hard work in the gym. While heading to his third workout of the day, during the documentary taping he says;

“To be the best, you’ve got to work overtime,” 

Getting older as a boxer, Floyd makes it a point to work hard, and treat his body right, by having an intense training schedule as well as not drinking alcohol.

“Everyone was saying at the age of 36 I don’t have it no more…All I want to do is give fans exciting fights.”

And with no signs of aging, or slowing down in the ring, he is definitely still giving his audience a great performance.

Check out two workouts that Floyd incorporates into his everyday training routine that helped him beat out Guerrero.

I like to call this the  “Money” workout;

Floyd’s ab workout: Sit up to Stand up with left/right jabs

Floyd’s Cardio Workout: Skilled Rope Jumping

“Fit Mondays”: Angela Simmons Gives Us A Peek Into Her Workout

Picture 23

We kicked off the first “Fit Monday” this week on interviewing Angela Simmons, who talks fitness with us, and premieres her new fitness webisode.

“If you are a follower of Angela Simmons on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed over the past few months that the girl has been putting in work in the gym and showing off amazing results.  Now, she’s giving the world a peek into her fitness sessions through a web series that shows her vigorous workout at Ultimate Gym in New York with Coach Nelson of Supreme Team Boxing. The videos includes various plyometric style exercises and weight resistant routines as well as tips on the best way to warm up, cool down and stretch during your workout.  Angela also admits to wearing a waist band while exercising which helps her shed excess weight and achieve more definition in her ab area.”

Head over to to read more on what types of workouts Angela does, her favorite body part to train and special fitness tips she wants to share with you.

Check out her first fitness webisode below;


Laila Ali Trains The Biggest Losers


Laila Ali made a guest appearance on NBC’s The Biggest Loser to help train Dolvett’s team for their last chance workout. She showed the red team how to box like a Champion.

Starting off with teaching the contestants proper footwork and punching techniques, she then had them put on the gloves and hit the bags.

Boxing is known to be a great workout. You can burn anywhere from 600-1000 calories during a 1 hour session depending on the different activities you do whether your sparring, hitting the bags, or punching the mitts.

Click here to see what other moves Laila Ali taught the red team to help them lose weight.