Former “Parks and Rec” Star Heckled For Posting Buff Selfie Pic

chris pratt

Former “Park’s and Rec” star Chris Pratt has nothing to worry about, or does he?

He recently took to the Internet by posting a selfie of himself posing his new hot bod and showing duck lips, but didn’t get the exact supportive response that he expected. Instead, his friends made fun of him. Hmmm not so nice, guys!

Pratt dropped his chubby frame and started working out for his new role in the upcoming Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Yahoo! Interviewed Pratt and his co-star Zoe Saldana at the Comic-Con event in San Diego this weekend, and Zaldana showed support by expressing the positive aspect of his weight loss journey:

“I feel like it would be nothing but inspiring, and encouraging, and empowering for people that are struggling with their weight.”

When Pratt was offered the role he knew that he had to make some dramatic changes, he told Yahoo!:

“I got the role like six months ago, and they were like great job, but you’re too fat. And I was like, ‘alright, I can work on that!”

Believe it or not, Pratt also gave up drinking beer for six months to get that great bod for the role.

Good job giving up the beer gut, Pratt. You look hot!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Yahoo!

Kate Middleton Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

1371653941_kate-middleton-prince-william-lgThe craze over the Royal Baby watch is over now that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William welcome a baby boy!

The future heir to England’s throne had arrived at 4:24m BST, and weighed in at 8lbs, 6oz. What a big baby!

Middleton had arrived at the hospital at 6am after going into labor, and was joined by Prince William who was along her side throughout the whole experience.

The Palace had also made some last minute changes when it came to the birth announcement. Traditionally, a royal baby’s arrival is posted on an easel, but instead a formal announcement was made.

An official statement read from St. James’s Palace said:

“As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter.”

We hope that Middleton has a speedy recovery and eats very healthy with constant exercise now that she has to keep up with the little one!

Congratulations to the first time mom and dad, Will and Kate, and God bless the new heir to the throne!

Via E! Online, Yahoo!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: E! Online

Melissa Mc Carthy Dishes In On Her Weight


“Bridesmaids” star Melissa Mc Carthy discusses how she was focused on her appearance in her early adulthood, but how that changed when she became a mother.

When being asked about her weight, Mc Carthy says in an interview with More Mag:

“Parts of my twenties, I was in great shape, but I didn’t appreciate it. If I was a 6 or an 8, I thought, why aren’t I a 2 or a 4? I bought into it-I should be taller, thinner, have better hair, but I think that’s part of being young. Now especially with kids, you lose any sense of time or energy to worry about all the little stuff.”

Being a mother of two, and now a busy actress, Mc Carthy is now focusing more on her acting roles and perfecting her career.

Although Mc Carthy has received negative reviews of not being thin, she brushes it off.

You don’t have to be a size 0 to be beautiful in Hollywood.

Way to go, Mc Carthy!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: E!Online, OMG! Insider

Rob Kardashian’s Dramatic Weight Loss


Twenty-six year old Rob Kardashian revealed his dramatic weight loss Saturday at a meet and greet in Las Vegas for his Arthur George Sock Collection.

The world has always seen Rob battle with his weight in front of the camera, but now he is determined to shed the pounds. He told US Weekly back in March that he weighed 235 pounds. In the past season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, a clip shows that Rob blames his weight gain on his past relationship with Rita Ora stating,

“It’s crazy how this whole year, my whole relationship was only negative. All I did was gain f–king 40 pounds and lose so much money. I’m so insecure. I weigh like 215 pounds. I hate pictures. I hate everything.”

This past February, Rob made the effort to start a new diet and workout plan. He has been posting pictures on his personal Instagram and Twitter of his workout and diet regime. Rob exercises twice a day and even brings friends with him for more motivation. He has been known for going on weekly hikes at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles with a group of twenty-five to thirty people including rapper The Game. He also trains with a personal trainer telling US Weekly,

“… I’m kind of doing my own thing with Lamar’s trainer. He’s on salary since he was 19 years old, so he works for us. I’ve been spending time with him.”

Even though Rob Kardashian looks great, he admits,

“I still have to lose like 40 to 50 pounds believe it or not. Six months I should be there.”

Keep it up Rob!

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Yoga Just Got Sexier: Adam Levine Shows Off His Yoga Moves


Adam Levine is one of the sexiest people in the entertainment industry and he is no stranger when it comes to getting compliments about his looks.

With a busy schedule in tack, a judge on NBC’s The Voice and a Maroon 5 tour, he has to find a way to stay sane. While many celebrities use different techniques on the road, Adam Levine has a private yoga teacher travel with him.  Levine tells Men’s Health Magazine,

“I have a hard time sitting still.  I can be all over the map. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.”

To get ready for a show, Adam does one hour of yoga before hitting the stage.  He has been doing yoga for five years and he claims he is still not a pro.  There is always something new to learn for yoga; people dedicate their lives to it and they still do not have poses down perfectly.  Yoga seems to have a very set lifestyle, but Levine has made it very clear that he does not want to live the “yoga life”.  He reveals,

“There’s a very specific yoga cliche: Eat these foods, wear these clothes, believe only these things.  I don’t want to be that.  It’s made me more successful. I love it and don’t know what I’d do without it.”

Adam’s yoga instructor Chad Dennis says that yoga is perfect for him.  He discloses that even though yoga can give you the same physical results as other workout routines, the main purpose is to teach you to be still and calm under challenging circumstances.

Watch the video below to see Adam show off his yoga poses:

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A New Hollywood Obsession: SoulCycle

It seems like celebrities are always looking for new ways to workout and stay in shape, whether it is a new yoga class or an intense session at Barry’s Bootcamp. Nowadays there is a new love going around called SoulCycle. It has become a new Hollywood obsession, and classes everywhere sell out in seconds. Everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Tom Cruise to Anderson Cooper enjoy this new way to exercise. One might wonder how SoulCycle is different than regular indoor spin class and why someone would spend $34.00 on a class, but according to participants, it is worth every cent. Yes, SoulCycle is in indoor cycling class but unlike spin class, SoulCycle is stretching and cycling all at once. You get a total body workout rather than just working on your thighs and legs. It is described as “part dance party, part therapy, part communal high”. It combines the breathing taught in yoga while the intensity of cycling taught in a spin class, while also working your upper body. People describe it has a type of “high”. As of now, SoulCycle classes are only located in New York and Los Angeles, but in the next year or two, SoulCycle will be expanding to cities like DC, San Francisco, and Chicago. Everyone looks for a new way to exercise that they actually like, and this might be the one for you.

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Celebrities Dish Their Favorite Workout Playlist


Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities listen to while working out? Stars from Shailene Woodley to Hayden Panettiere reveal their go to playlists while working out with InStyle Magazine. Shailene shared that her favorite singer to listen to is

Bon Iver—I know his music is really slow, but for some reason it’s inspiring. He makes me want to keep going when I’m working out.”

She also listens to Lana Del Rey and upbeat music like Foster the People. While Shailene Woodley can workout to slow tunes at times, Hayden Panettiere relies on upbeat music to get her going. She tells InStyle, “On my workout playlist I tend to go hard. I have a lot of Beyonce and Jay-Z and Rihanna. I’ve got to get something to pump me up.” Hailee Steinfeld reveals that her go to song to listen to every time she works out is “I Work Out’” by LMFAO.

Many celebrities use different types of music to workout so you have to find your own music that will stimulate you to keep going, to run that extra mile. Women’s Health Magazine compiled a list of music to keep you motivated. Their “running” playlist consists of hits like Around the World by Daft Punk and Pump It Up by Elvis Costello. Their “yoga and pilates” playlist consists of songs like Thank You for Hearing Me by Sinéad O’Connor and Simple Things by Zero 7.

To find out great music that will inspire you for every workout, visit Women’s Health Mag

What songs motivate you while working out?

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli