Draya Run’s Her Team At LA’s The Color Run

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The Happiest 5k on the planet took over Dodger stadium this weekend, with thousands in attendance to participate in the colorful 5k race. Somehow through the energetic crowd, and immense amount color smoke clouds, we spotted VH1’s Basketball Wives star Draya!

Draya isn’t usually known for being a sociallite on the fitness scene, but this 5k was the perfect place to make an appearance! If you happened to take a glance at her instagram page you can see why.

The former reality star posted fun pics of her drenched in color alongside her team of girls, naming her team after her swimsuit line “Mint SwimWear”.

Draya must know a thing or two about making fitness fun, because putting your firends and a fun race together makes the perfect recipe for making the most of burning calories. Check out her fun instagram pics and 5 reasons why the color run should be on your fitness to do list.



5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Color Run;

1. Your having so much fun, you forget your working out. With all the music, color and fun things to do pre and post race, you will definitely forgot that you just burned tons of calories.

2. A 5k is only three miles. Although it sounds like a lot, a 5k is only three miles, meaning wherever you are in your fitness journey, beginner or advanced, you can do this race. The best part, it is not timed. So you can run, jog, walk, or dance.

3. Instant Motivation. Once you get this notch under your belt, your automatically going to think whats next? A mud run,an obstacle course, the NY marathon?

4. Run for A Good Cause. The color run is a for profit organization but, you can team up with them and your favorite charity. Literally team up with them, and  your favorite charity so you and your friends can run for a good cause.

5. Bonding with the Besties. It’s a great way to spend some QT time with your best friends and family. It’s also a great place to meet some new friends or even a potential new boo 😉


To participate in a Color Run near you click  here.



Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For “Protect The Skin You’re In” Campaign


If there is anything Miley Cyrus is good at besides twerking, it is getting her “Smilers” to raise money for ANY charity. The most recent charity Miley Cyrus is supporting is Marc Jacobs “Protect The Skin You’re In” Charity. This campaign raises skin cancer awareness and all proceeds go to the NYU Langone Medical Center as well as the NYU Cancer Institution. Many celebrities including the most recent being Miley Cyrus pose nude for this charity. Since 2006, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Watts, Kate Upton, and many others have been big supports. These pictures then get published on t-shirts in which people can buy.

Miley Cyrus’ shirts came out less than a week ago and were released in nine Marc Jacobs’ stores in America and online and have already sold out. Shirts will be available for purchase in Europe in August. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt for $35.00 but are not in one of the nine cities that they were released in, check out Marc Jacobs’ website to purchase one!

Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

Fitness Coresspondent: Stefani Romagnoli