Stars Who Have Lost Weight Thanks To Dancing With The Stars


New contestant Christina Millian went to Twitter to announce that the time and effort she puts in Dancing With The Stars is starting to pay off.  The star tweeted,

“I’ve already lost 7lbs since I started #dwts! Owww!”

Christina follows many other contestants who have lost weight by joining the show.  When Marie Osmond first joined the popular show she lost 31 pounds.  By the time the show finished she lost a total of 47 pounds! Kelly Osborne lost a total of 20 pounds on the show, while Chaz Bono lost over 65 pounds.  Kirstie Alley takes the lead though claiming she lost 100 pounds!

Let’s all join Dancing With The Stars!

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Kate Hudson Taking Dancing Lessons from Derek Hough


Derek Hough revealed in an interview with E! News that he has been giving Kate Hudson private dancing lessons. Although Hough is using the time to get ready for the 17th season of Dancing With The Stars, Kate is merely doing it just for fun. Derek shared,

“I’ve been working with Kate Hudson a little bit lately for fun – just dancing for fun, giving her some lessons.”

Although Hudson will probably not be on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon, Derek did admit that he would love to see her on the show.

“She’s become a good friend and she’s great. I would love for her to do the show, but she would never. She’s fantastic. But I want her to maybe do a guest spot.”

Guess Kate will just stick to acting. As for Julianne Hough going back to Dancing With The Stars, her brother says he can’t see her returning, but Derek is extremely excited for the season due to a new format. But what’s that new format you ask? Guess you will have to watch season 17 and find out!

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Julianne Hough’s Struggle To Keep Fit After Dancing With The Stars


You would think that if you we’re Julianne Hough you would not have to worry about your weight, especially with all the dancing she has done. But in reality, after she completed her last season of Dancing With The Stars, Julianne has had a hard time keeping off the weight. Julianne admitted to Women’s Health Magazine that she could eat anything growing up, but that soon changed:

“The minute I hit 22, I stopped dancing and kept eating whatever I wanted, and I gained weight.”

She also went on to say that even though the weight she gained did not affect her personally that much, the media changed that. And just like every person in the spotlight, Julianne has dealt with media negativity.

“I started reading comments in blogs. That freaks you out and you get caught up in it. But if I deprive myself, I end up binge eating. I didn’t want to do that. Now if I want something, I’ll have it and I won’t feel guilty. Then the next day I won’t crave it.”

Just because Julianne like to keep her figure in shape, does not mean she’s obsessed with working out or even likes the gym. Being a dance star does make you a gym rat. Julianne revealed,

“I hate being in the gym, but I love taking Tracy Anderson classes because they’re fun and dance-y.”

If you also hate going to the gym and want to find a fun way to workout, check out Tracy Anderson’s classes and maybe you’ll spot Julianne in one!

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Cher Offers Her Son Money To Lose Weight


Cher has offered her son Chaz Bono a monetary reward to lose weight.

She even tweeted her encouragement for his weight loss by tweeting: “I’m paying him 1K a lb. 2 lose weight…So he has made $65,000!”

Bono is known publicly to have struggles with his weight, by participating on shows like VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars.

So far Bono has lost 43 pounds through diet and exercise and plans on losing 40 more pounds.

Now that’s what I call motivation!

Jason Derulo Dances Again, Covers YRB & Shares His Favorite Workout


A year ago, Jason Derulo probably didn’t think he would be able to dance again, never mind open up a performance on Dancing With The stars doing a headstand, but that’s exactly what he did.

Coming off of a tragic neck injury (a broken neck to be exact) Jason shows no signs of ever being hurt. Performing his new single “The otherside” on tonight’s episode of DWTS, and celebrating being on the cover of this months issue of YRB magazine, and having his beautiful girlfriend/singer Jordin Sparks by his side through it all, Jason Derulo is officially back, and ready to take on the world.

Shortly after shooting an incredible high energy performance for the world to see on DWTS, Jason headed over to Couture night club in Hollywood to promote his YRB magazine cover.

Many fans and friends were in attendance to support Derulo, including Dancing With The Stars champion Derek Hough.

Mingling amongst the crowd and smiling for the fans and their cameras at the event, Jason took a quick break to speak to us about his health and how he stays in shape.

When asked about what types of work outs he does, he said he switches up his workout everyday. He explained he works out about 2 hours a day, doing various types of exercises. He said there’s one type of workout specifically that he enjoys;

“I enjoy breakdancing as a good workout, because it focuses on big muscle groups, and I always do abs.”

When asked if he works out with his girlfriend Jordin Sparks, he said; Yes, definitely.

“We workout together. She does breakdancing with me, she’s actually getting pretty good at freezes. Watch out for her”

They say a couple that works out together, stays together. We are definitely happy to see Jason healthy, back at it with his music , all while still in love.

Check out his performance of “the otherside” on DWTS below

The Cheryl Burke DWTS Warm Up

Picture 9

Some of us have two left feet, and may not have the body of a dancer, nor may be flexible like one. If this sounds like you, our favorite Dancing With The Stars Dancer Cheryl Burke can give you hope.

Burke recently shared with Yahoo! Sports how important it is to warm up before getting into any dance routine. She says that it actually can help you become a better dancer.

“I am not one of those girls who just land in a split. I need to warm up to be flexible” 

Burke recommends a quick eight-minute warm-up routine before getting into any hard-core work out.

The warm up helps to strengthen and stretch out the muscles for the hips, thighs, and ankles. Burke suggests it be done three days a week, starting with jumping jacks for two minutes before going into the moves.

Next time your two left feet get in the way take Cheryl’s advice by engaging in a proper warm up before you jump out on the dance floor.

Fitness Correspondent Hannah Townley Via Yahoo!

DWTS: Dancer Who Lost Her Leg In Boston Marathon Bombing

Picture 5

Only two weeks have past since the tragic Boston Marathon event. Being from Massachusetts, this tragedy hit close to home for me, literally. It definitely hit close to home for the whole nation, so much so that a lot of television shows have been paying tribute to those who lost their lives and were effected in the bombing.

Last week, announced that Adrianne Haslet, a ballroom dancer who lost her leg in the horrific event would be appearing on Dancing With The Stars and last night she did.

Adrianne had her time to shine and was able to tell her story on the DWTS episode. She promised, on air,  that after she lost her leg, that she would dance again.

“I was in such a dark place mentally, i thought everything was over. My recovery has been tough…but the more I am forced to face it, the better I am, even though it is impossibly hard to deal with sometimes. I absolutely will dance again, and I will do whatever it takes to get there”.

I have a feeling we will be seeing Adrianne dancing away on the next season, and I am sure all of America will be voting for her and cheering her on.

Check out the inspirational clip of Adrianne sharing the horrible event that caused her to lose her leg, but how she still finds the hope and determination to dance again. Click here

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