Victoria Beckham Takes Two Year Old Daughter Hiking!


Celebrities are using any social media they can to post their most recent workouts, and Victoria Beckham has been the latest social media butterfly to post her latest way to stay in shape.  Victoria took none other than her beautiful two year old daughter Harper on a hike with her.

Victoria posted the cute picture above on her Instagram last week with the caption:

“Love hiking with my babies”

Hopefully this will motivate mothers everywhere to get their kids to like the outdoors and get some exercise in at a young age!

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Personal Instagram

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Beckham’s Compete in Sports Day at their Kid’s School


Imagine competing against David and Victoria Beckham at your kids “Sports Day” at their school. Well that is what happened at a London school which David’s eight-year-old son Cruz Beckham attends.

Even though David has officially retired from professional soccer, he still proved he has what it takes to win. He participated in the 100-meter sprints against other classmates father’s and of course won! How could we expect any less. A parent onlooker reported to The Sun,

“They were like just any other mom and dad. But Becks easily won the race. He beat the other dads by miles. He sprinted to the end in no time at all and left the other less fit dads way behind.”

And just when you thought Victoria Beckham just stood around and watched, she competed in a race as well, but lost to friend and fashion designer Stella McCartney.

Photo Credit: Wenn

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli