Dolvett & JoJo Team Up To Tone Your Legs

Picture 34Do you want to tone your thighs and tighten your tush?

Of course you do, and who else is better to help you then the oh so easy on the eyes (minus his poor cast) Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett, and the petite singer with a big voice JoJo.

The duo teamed up with to show you a couple exercises that will firm up those hard to tighten places. Try these 4 exercises that you can do anywhere;

Picture 5

Rear Reshaper: Get down on all fours if you want to strengthen your glutes, quads and hamstrings in one exercise. Make a rotation with one leg bringing your knee to your elbow and rotating it in big circles. Say bye bye to big hips and hello to a firm butt with this move!

Picture 33Butt Lifter: Lay down flat on your back. Lift one leg all the way up point your toe to the ceiling, lift your butt and back off the ground and hold for three seconds and release down. Repeat the move 15 times to tighten your hamstrings and glutes.

Picture 35

Calf Carver: Balance challenge! Criss cross your fingers behind your neck. Then Raise one knee up while raising your opposite leg off the ground. Hold yourself in the elevated position for three seconds. Repeat for 15 reps working your calves and core.

Picture 37Twisting Toner: Lunge out into a forward position. Put your arms straight out side to side. Turn your upper body into your lunging knee, turn your trunk back to starting middle position. Then return back to your feet being together in a standing positio. Repeat the move switching alternate legs. This move will help you notice toned quads and abs.

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Laila Ali Trains The Biggest Losers


Laila Ali made a guest appearance on NBC’s The Biggest Loser to help train Dolvett’s team for their last chance workout. She showed the red team how to box like a Champion.

Starting off with teaching the contestants proper footwork and punching techniques, she then had them put on the gloves and hit the bags.

Boxing is known to be a great workout. You can burn anywhere from 600-1000 calories during a 1 hour session depending on the different activities you do whether your sparring, hitting the bags, or punching the mitts.

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