Dwayne Johnson Reveals His #TeamHercules Diet Plan



Dwayne Johnsons aka The Rock reveals his team Hercules diet plan.

He recently had to get into the best shape of his life (you would’ve though he was already there) for the role of “Hercules” and he wanted to share with all his instagram followers what his intense diet regimen consisted of to get there.

The ordinary person would eat 3 meals a day, including a couple of snacks. but if you want to pack on some lean mean muscle you need you need to add a whole lot more to your meals.

The rock revealed he had to eat seven times a day, and it wasn’t including snack it was  seven meals a day. Each meal consisted of either chicken, fish, protein powder, and egg whites. Along with rice, potatoes or oatmeal for carbohydrates and broccoli or asparagus seems to be his veggie of choice.

Dwayne explained this was no fad diet. He had to commit to this particular food plan for 22 weeks. His 14 egg whites a day, and over 3 pounds of lean meat helped him really turn in to the  greek God Hercules.

Check out the #TeamHercules meal plan below;


* lol at the 1 cup of Lions Blood.


The Rock’s Buff TBT Photo As A Teen


We all know The Rock as being a muscular-hard hitting wrestler and actor.

Last Thursday he posted a “Throwback Thursday” pic of himself when he was 15-years old on Twitter looking rather buff.

The shirtless pic shows him having a more leaner exterior, flat-board abs, and pretty broad shoulders for a teenager.

The 41-year old actor also wrote on the picture saying,

“We all start somewhere.”

We can definitely agree that The Rock sure has come a very long way!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Yahoo! OMG!