Dwayne Johnson Reveals His #TeamHercules Diet Plan



Dwayne Johnsons aka The Rock reveals his team Hercules diet plan.

He recently had to get into the best shape of his life (you would’ve though he was already there) for the role of “Hercules” and he wanted to share with all his instagram followers what his intense diet regimen consisted of to get there.

The ordinary person would eat 3 meals a day, including a couple of snacks. but if you want to pack on some lean mean muscle you need you need to add a whole lot more to your meals.

The rock revealed he had to eat seven times a day, and it wasn’t including snack it was  seven meals a day. Each meal consisted of either chicken, fish, protein powder, and egg whites. Along with rice, potatoes or oatmeal for carbohydrates and broccoli or asparagus seems to be his veggie of choice.

Dwayne explained this was no fad diet. He had to commit to this particular food plan for 22 weeks. His 14 egg whites a day, and over 3 pounds of lean meat helped him really turn in to the  greek God Hercules.

Check out the #TeamHercules meal plan below;


* lol at the 1 cup of Lions Blood.


Kate Middleton’s Hospital Menu


The Duchess of Cambridge should be giving birth to the soon to be Royal baby!

According to E! News, Middleton will be staying at the posh Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, and will be enjoying some delicious gourmet menu items.

For lunch and dinner, the Duchess will be getting three courses which contains appetizers like cream of tomato soup, and entrees like: Lamb chops or Mediterranean grilled chicken and side dishes. And, the most devilish part: Dessert! Katie can choose from cheesecake, cheese, or more healthy options like fruit. Sounds Yummy!

Lindo Wing also offers very healthy options like vegetarian, kosher, and many different selections for the mom to be as well!

You would also never expect that bubbly would be included in a hospital menu, but the Duchess and her hospital visitors can pop a toast after the royal baby’s arrival. The menu also includes various wines and champagnes. Nice!

Reportedly Kate’s due date was July 13th or 14th, but the Duchess is ready to pop that Royal baby out any day now. We look forward to it Katie, and hope that you decide choose healthier options!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: E! News

UFC Fighter Mark Munoz shows slimmed down physique


Like most people, UFC Fighter Mark Munoz turned to food for comfort when he was going through difficult times in his life.

Last summer, Munoz was knocked out by Chris Weidman, he also had a foot injury in which he needed to recover, which prevented him to keep in shape.

Munoz said on his website: “Battled through injury, self-doubt, and depression. I turned to food for comfort and what I found was more heartache. A never-ending cycle of “eating because I was sad and because I was eating. I had to find peace and comfort in my faith in God. He shaped my life.”

And Munoz’s faith definitely helped him to bounce back. Starting from January of this year to late June, he went from 261 lbs. to 199 lbs, which is not far from his fighting weight of 185 lbs.

What a great turnaround for Munoz!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports