Jessica Simpson Is Ready To Get Married!

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We all know Jessica is one of Weight Watchers biggest fans using it constantly. And with the amount of pictures she’s posting of herself on her Instagram, we know she is looking fabulous and feels very confident these days.

The famous singer and mom of two is doing everything she can to get ready for her big wedding day.  She has lost 50 pounds since having her second child after putting on a ton of weight.  Jessica’s personal trainer Harley Pasternak told US Weekly that she strength trains an hour a day three times a week and walks at least six miles a day.  Her favorite leg workouts include bench step-overs, single-leg dead lifts, and skater lunges.

When Jessica appeared on Good Morning America, she admitted that,

For breakfast, I’m an oatmeal girl. Lunch, I do bread, so I will have a sandwich.”

She also told USA Today that having kids is a workout on its own.

“With both kids, I’m running up and down my stairs a million times.  Kids can keep your metabolism going.”


Now we know why Jessica has some of the most amazing legs known to mankind! Check out Jessica showing off those legs in her little black dress below;

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Robert Pattinson Bulks Up For Upcoming Movie Role

robert pattinson

The famous and handsome Robert Pattinson is bulking up. Really?

The 27-year-old Twilight star has been spending more time working out at the gym. Just recently he has been seen with a more bulky frame.

Reportedly, Rob has been training with Harley Pasternak to prepare for an upcoming role for the movie “Mission Blacklist” where he stars as Eric Maddox, a military interpreter that brought down Saddam Hussein.

Now we understand the reason for the sudden dedication. Big role for now a bigger and bulkier Pattinson. Good job, Rob!

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Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Rihanna’s “Five Factor” Diet Plan

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After seeing Rihanna strut her stuff, and hold her own during this years Victoria’s Secret fashion show, I think we all can admit she’s a singer with a top model figure to die for!

But her flawless figure wasn’t as easy to get as she may make it look. With all the party and bikini pictures she posts on her instagram, she doesn’t show all the hard work she puts in the gym with her personal trainer Harley Pasternak.

And it wasn’t just exercise alone that got her a model like figure. A specific diet that her trainer created called the  “five factor” diet is also responsible for keeping the singer in tip top shape.

A “five factor” meal plan consists of eating five small meals a day. Each meal contains five key ingredients which are protein, fiber, complex carbs, healthy fats, and a sugar free beverage.

Rihanna is allowed to have one cheat meal a week on this plan. Harley says allowing his clients to have one day to eat a meal of their choice helps them from bailing on their diet through out the week.

He revealed;

‘If you’re good all the time, you’re more likely to slip up and feel bad about your self. If you allow yourself to have a day where to eat anything you like, you’ll stay on track the other six days. That’s the secret to a great body and it keeps Rihanna happy,’

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