Celebrities Dish Their Favorite Workout Playlist


Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities listen to while working out? Stars from Shailene Woodley to Hayden Panettiere reveal their go to playlists while working out with InStyle Magazine. Shailene shared that her favorite singer to listen to is

Bon Iver—I know his music is really slow, but for some reason it’s inspiring. He makes me want to keep going when I’m working out.”

She also listens to Lana Del Rey and upbeat music like Foster the People. While Shailene Woodley can workout to slow tunes at times, Hayden Panettiere relies on upbeat music to get her going. She tells InStyle, “On my workout playlist I tend to go hard. I have a lot of Beyonce and Jay-Z and Rihanna. I’ve got to get something to pump me up.” Hailee Steinfeld reveals that her go to song to listen to every time she works out is “I Work Out’” by LMFAO.

Many celebrities use different types of music to workout so you have to find your own music that will stimulate you to keep going, to run that extra mile. Women’s Health Magazine compiled a list of music to keep you motivated. Their “running” playlist consists of hits like Around the World by Daft Punk and Pump It Up by Elvis Costello. Their “yoga and pilates” playlist consists of songs like Thank You for Hearing Me by Sinéad O’Connor and Simple Things by Zero 7.

To find out great music that will inspire you for every workout, visit Women’s Health Mag

What songs motivate you while working out?

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Beyonce Reportedly Pregnant With Baby Number Two


If the rumors are true singer Beyonce is pregnant with baby number two!

We recently reported earlier this week that Beyonce cancelled her “Mrs. Carter” show tour date in Belgium due to “dehydration”.

But, sources confirmed to E! News that dehydration was not the reason for Bey Bey not to take stage. Exhaustion and dehydration may have played into it, but her fatigue symptoms are from her pregnancy.

Beyonce is use to working hard, we seen her hold nothing back when she was pregnant with baby Blue Ivy. Every pregnancy is different, so this time around Beyonce may have to take it easy.

A complete cancellation of the “Mrs. Carter” world tour may be needed, but we all know Beyonce is an over achiever. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Beyonce perform up until she is showing.

Getting some rest, taking her vitamins, drinking lots of water and mild to moderate exercising (or performing) will be recommended for Beyonce from her Doctor.

Congratulations to the Carter’s if baby number 2 is true!

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Beyonce Dishes Her Secret Diet


Beyonce is looking amazing on the cover of this months Shape magazine!

Showing off her post-baby flat tummy, Beyonce is definitely still bringing her Sasha Fierce A-game to the fitness table. If your wondering how the talented performer’s body bounced back within just three months after having her baby here’s how; She attributes 80 percent of her weight loss to cutting back on certain foods.

After gaining 57 pounds while pregnant, Beyonce explained it wasn’t easy getting the pounds off, but changing her diet really helped. Check out the snippet below from Shape magazine where she dishes her diet secrets;

“I ate a very low calorie diet. I stayed away from red meat and ate a lot of fish, replaced pasta and rice with quinoa, and drank only water. Eliminating all other liquids really brings down the calorie count. Of course exercising is important, but I think watching what you put into your body is extremely effective in terms of shedding pounds.”

Although eating clean is a priority for Beyonce, she admits she really isn’t one to count calories anymore to stay on the right track. She explains instead she now balances her meals out with healthy greens and proteins.

Here is what a typical days diet looks like for Beyonce;


and on her cheat day (yes, even Beyonce gives herself a break to indulge), which is on Sundays, she likes to go all in and eat pizza.