Jennifer Aniston Is Using Yoga To Keep Her Focused For Wedding


Jennifer Aniston spoke at her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber’s new book launch, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover and told the world that yoga has helped her throughout life and that she credits it to her amazing looks and fabulous body. With all the hectic things going on in Jen’s life right now, her wedding has to be at the top of the list. She told E!,

“Yoga kinds helps you prepare for everything. Honestly it’s like meditation. It just allows anything that is coming at you throughout the day to be kind of doable.”

With that said, yoga is her stress reliever as she prepares for her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux. Jen trains with Mandy at least three times a week and she thanks the yoga pro for her legs. She confessed,

“That was always my ‘Ugh’, my legs. That’s why I credit her for them – with yoga.”

But even though Aniston might have the most amazing body for a woman her age, she still has her cheat days.

“Cheat days for me are usually… It’s Mexican food… Maybe Italian pasta, but I think you always have to do it in moderation.”

Wow Jen, you even eat in moderation on your CHEAT days. Good for you!

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Celebrity Food Trends

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Nutritionist to the stars Cynthia Pasquella is known for giving a helping hand to our favorite A-listers when it comes to losing weight. Her nutritional guidance has helped many celebs slim down just in time to walk down a red carpet or fit into their skinny jeans for a new role.

Wendy Williams invited Cynthia on her show to explain some celebrity food trends that the average Joe can do at home to channel their inner star.

Get the Glow: if you want to have beautiful radiant glowing skin like a star turn to green juice. Nicole Richie is a big fan of juicing.

Boost of Energy: All celebrities have a crazy schedule. Jennifer Aniston is a fan of eating quinoa which helps boost her energy. It has great digest-able protein, its low in calories and its great to make a salad with it using tomatoes avocado, lemon juice, and a little bit of olive oil.

Million Dollar Smile: One things that al celebrities have in common, is a million dollar smile! to get big white teeth  at home use sunflower or sesame oil. It’s an ancient technique called “oil pooling”, where you take a table-spoon of the oil and swish it in your mouth for 10 to 15 minutes. It pulls all the toxins and bacteria out and whitens teeth, boost gum health in just a few days (make sure to spit it out, not swallow). Chewing on leafy greens also helps with getting rid of bacteria and bad breath in the mouth because their high in calcium and chlorophyl.

Slim & Trim: Hollywood is ditching the processed whey protein to get slim and trim using hemp instead. Hemp has no THC in it  its the sister plant to marijuana. Charlize Theron is a big fan of hemp shakes. boost your energy for hours, curve your cravings and detoxify the body. Try mixing your Hemp protein with coconut milk,berries, and banana for tasty shake that is low in calories.

Jennifer Aniston Gets Sick After Eating McDonalds

jenanistonJennifer Aniston has one of the most amazing bodies for her age and she definitely does not try to hide that. Thanks to her organic and healthy eating habits, she has a body every women in her forties wishes for. But thanks to the lack of “healthy fast food” places in this country, she turned to eat something she never eats: McDonalds.

Jennifer and her soon-to-be husband had gone on a road trip and the only thing around to eat was McDonalds. Even though Jennifer eats healthy 24/7 and does yoga daily, she was really hungry and needed to eat. Jennifer explains her experience after eating a Big Mac with the New York Magazine,

“I’ll never forget when Justin and I were on a road trip and we were so hungry. The only thing around was McDonald’s. I think I ordered a Big Mac. Wow, my body did not react well to that! It was like putting gasoline in a purified system. I am always trying to eat organic and natural foods, so that just made my stomach turn and made me feel terrible. And I think what you put in your body, as well as stress, is reflected in the quality of your skin.”

She also gave the magazine an idea of how she keeps her skin flawless and tricks to have a body like hers.

“I can never stress enough to my friends that they must do as I do … hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, exercise, and eat a clean healthy diet, whenever possible.”

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Jennifer Aniston Gets Serious About Her Fitness To Play A Stripper In New Movie

jen aniston

Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper in her new movie “We’re The Millers.”

Although Aniston won’t be nude in the film, she did have to step up her work out regiment for the racy role.

Aniston credited her yoga teacher Mandy Inger for her toned body, and explained to “Extra” that she had to double up the amount of yoga than she normally does.

“You get up into my age and you’ve gotta do a little bit more,” Aniston told Extra.

We can agree that the increase in working out is definitely doing Aniston justice!