Justin Timberlakes “Suit & Tie” Workout


Back on the scene Mr. Timberlake is dressed to impress with a new look and new feel to his music.

With his latest single “suit & tie” Justin is definitely bringing sexy back for round 2. Looking sexy dressed up starts off with looking sexy stripped down to your birthday suit. Here is a workout inspired by Justin Timberlake that will help you look good clothes on or off.


A. Begin in a squat position with hands out in front of you.

B. Jump your feet back while simultaneously lowering yourself into a plank position.

C. Immediately return your feet to a squat position.

D. Jump up exploding out of your squat position as high as you can. After landing, repeat A through D.

*Do this exercise 3x for 1 minute straight with 30 second rest in between sets.

*Advanced: Replace your planks with push ups

Need a little eye candy as motivation for your workout? Click here to see Justin’s “Suit & Tie” video.