Kelly Rowland Is A Fit Mom-To-Be

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Kelly Rowland, former member of the  famous girl group “Destiny’s Child”, is known for her vocals, but she is also known for her oh-so-amazing, to die for set of abs!

The Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Kelly Rowland teamed up back in 2011 and created a killer workout dvd called “Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland” that helped fans all over get in shape.

Fast forward to 2014,and a couple of workout dvd’s later,  the singer is still working out hard, and showing off her belly, but where her infamous abs once were, now holds a cute baby bump!

This mom-to-be isn’t using her pregnancy as an excuse to take some time away from the gym, instead she’s continuing that fit lifestyle she lived pre-baby on board.

From the looks of her instagram, Kelly seems to enjoy resistance training with bands to keep her tight, working on her balance using a bosu ball, and reducing stress and staying flexible with yoga.

Kelly’s trainer Jeanette Jenkins explains there are 7 major benefits of exercising during pregnancy;

1. Boost your energy

2. Helps you sleep better.

3. Reduces pregnancy discomfort. 

4. Helps you build strength to prepare for labor. 

5. Reduces stress/ Lifts your spirits.

6. Improves your self image. 

7. Helps with getting your pre-baby body back quicker after birth. 


It is rumored Kelly and her fiance Tim Witherspoon will be expecting their new bundle of joy in December of this year.

Fans are already speculating the sex of the baby, leaving comments on her social media pages saying that it looks like she may be having a boy according to how her belly is forming out to be. Whatever she has we hope it’s a healthy baby! Congrats Kelly!


Hmmmmm….Do I see a prenatal workout dvd in the works??? #Prenatalexercise

VIBE VIXEN The Gun Show: Celebrity Vixen’s With The Best Arms


Vibe Vixen online asked me for my expertise this week on how to get amazing sculpted arms like your favorite celebrities. So I prescribed 5 different exercises that will get your arms in shape like Kelly Rowland, Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria, Halle Barry, and Regina King. Check out a snippet of the article below;

We focus so much on shrinking belly fat and toning our butts that we forget about building killer arms. These 5 Vixen’s have been hitting the gym to flaunt their sexy arms in hot sleeveless dresses. We tapped Celebrity Fitness Reporter and Personal Trainer Fallon Mercedes (@FitWithFallon) to teach us at-home moves to shape Vixen-worthy arms.

1. Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s tricep definition gives her arms a toned and lean appearance. Also notice, no bra bulge!

Fallon Recommends: Tricep Kickbacks for Kelly’s defined tri’s (3 sets of 12 repetitions). If you’re a beginner, start off with 2-5 lb weights, intermediate and advanced pick a weight that is still a challenge after getting up to 10 repetitions.

To find out what the other 4 exercises I recommend are, head over to

Thanks @vibevixen and @andreamonique

Ask A Celebrity Trainer: Michael Myers


Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a personal trainer that whips all your favorite celebrities into shape? “Ask A Celebrity Trainer” is a new Q & A series, that will get your fitness questions answered by the professionals who train the stars.

Fit With Fallon caught up with Personal Trainer Michael Myers to kick off our first series. While working for the Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins, Michael has trained Kelly Rowland, Terrence J, Pink, Tia and Tamera Mowry and many others. Mike also teaches an intense boot camp class at Crunch fitness in West Hollywood. Check out what Mike has to say about eating before your am cardio.


Do you recommend your clients to workout out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or do you prefer them to eat before their morning workout?


Cardio on an empty stomach is cool, if immediate weight loss is the goal. However, if you are doing a full body workout I recommend eating before working out because you have to wake your metabolism.


In an episode of “Tia & Tamara”, Michael explained to Tamara how important it is to eat before having an intense full body workout by saying “You can’t drive a car with no gas”.

Check out Mike in action with the clip below:

Want to train with Michael or take one of his boot camp classes? Head over to for more info.

Best Body: Pink vs Kelly Rowland “Abs”


Kelly Rowland faces off with Pink in the best body “abs” contest women’s edition. Do you love a ripped “adonis belt” aka “v-cut” like Pink’s? Or do you find a less ripped, more sleek and toned stomach like Kelly Rowland’s more attractive?

Weigh in below using the poll to vote which singer you think has the best abs.