Britney Spears Is Vegas Ready Thanks To Her Trainer and Intense Workouts!


As Britney is getting ready for a new album to come out December 3rd, and also a two-year gig at Planet Hollywood (which includes 50 shows) in Las Vegas, she has to be in the best shape of her life.  Celebrity fitness trainer Tony Martinez spilled the deets to E! News about Britney’s current workouts.  Her training is so intense, Tony has called it “olympic-style training”.  Britney does not like to stick to one type of workout, she likes to switch it up and do different things.  From playing tennis to climbing 10-foot walls, Tony exclusively tells E! News,

“She’s been a terror lately, working as hard as she can.  She’s using all sports right now to get ready for her 90 minute Las Vegas show.  She loves playing tennis.  She likes to serve.  She was serving the ball like Serena Williams!”

Besides playing tennis, Martinez also incorporates boxing and football.  He even spilled,

“She throws a perfect spiral every time.”

When asked what she was specifically doing to get ready for her Vegas show, Tony said,

“It is intense, interval training to keep her heart rate up.  In a show she will be dancing and singing nonstop.  In her training, she only has about 10 to 15 second rests between each set.  This is hard-core stuff.  Britney knew she needed to step up her game.  She is just drilling it but she likes too!”

If you are ever in Vegas and want to see how hard Britney’s workouts have paid off, check out her shows!

Photo Credit: Planet Hollywood

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Ian Ziering goes from 90210 Boy Next door to Chippendale Hottie


Former “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Ian Ziering sure has a lot to be sizzling about these days.

He recently debut as a guest headliner with the male revue show, Chippendales, in Las Vegas.

When offered the role, he admits dieting for it was tough, doing so for three months. For the first five days he ate only proteins, and once he got the hunger pangs, he just separated his mind from his body so he wont give in to his temptations.

The 49-year old father of two said that having his two kids made going to the gym for him less of a priority.

He also used a more motivational approach to lose the weight, telling GMA:

“I had a vision board to see the weight I want to be. I had the playing cards of the Chippendales’ guys up there so it was very motivating.”

Throughout the whole process, he lost 25 pounds. We are definitely proud!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

Photo Credit: Celebuzz