[Video] Michelle Obama To Release Hip Hop Album To Promote Her “Let’s Move!” Campaign

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Who would have thought the First Lady would come out with a Hip Hop album? That’s right! But don’t get too excited, Mrs. Obama won’t be rapping on any tracks.

Although you will see her, along with her husband  President Obama making cameos in the videos, along with other famous singers and rappers.

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The album is part of her “Let’s Move” campaign which she launched two years ago to help end child obesity in America.

Artists like Run DMC, Ashanti, Doug E. Fresh, Monifah, Ariana Grande, Travis Barker and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks are all contributing their vocal talents to the album, which is called “Songs for a Healthier America”.  Even America’s favorite doctor, Dr. OZ drops a couple bars with a healthy rhyme in the song called “Everybody” featuring Jordin Sparks. 

The album features tracks with names like “We Like Vegetables,” “Veggie Luv,” “Get Up Sit Up” and “U R What You Eat,” all designed to get kids thinking about health and diet. Ten music videos are set to be released with the album and will be distributed to schools in New York City, with other major cities to follow.

Check out 2 of the videos from the album; Continue reading

Obama’s Take A Bike Ride!


When being the President does not fill up Barack’s schedule, he and his family like to go on a getaway.  On their most recent mini vacation, the family visited Martha’s Vineyard in Tisbury, Massachusetts.  Because Michelle has been motivating kid’s to workout and get some fresh air daily, it is no surprise to see the family go on a scenic bike ride.

Long story short, if the President can take time off to get some exercise, you most definitely can too!

Hit a bike trail or take a spin class to get your endorphins and blood flowing like the president and his family.

Photo Credit: Rick Friedman-Pool/Getty Images

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Surgery To Have Arms Like Michelle Obama


Are Michelle Obama’s arms motivating women to run to the surgeons office?

Yahoo News reports;

While breast implant surgery and Botox injections are still the most common cosmetic procedures in America, the upper arm lift has seen a dramatic increase in populaity, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In 2012, 15,457 women spent $61 million on brachioplasty — or liposuction in the upper arms, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Times suggests that the trend is on the rise ever since Michelle Obama’s guns stepped into the spotlight.

In a statement, the ASPS said that women ”are paying closer attention to the arms of female celebrities,” and while that the most popular arms of all belong to the first lady, but that Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore’s limbs aren’t too shabby, either.

The upper arm procedure has seen an explosive increase of 4,378% since 2000. Only 300 women opted for the surgery 12 years ago.

“We are genetically programmed to have different accumulations of fat in different areas, and for some women the arms can be a problem area,” said ASPS Public Education Committee chair Dr. David Reath.

“Can’t the ladies just hit the gym for some extra biceps curls?” you may be asking yourself. They absolutely can, but paying for someone to cut you open and pull your skin in different directions is much easier.

If you don’t want to run to get surgery but want to get rid of the jiggle check out my Michelle Obama inspired arm workout below;

(Grab dumbbells with a weight of your choice) 12 bicep curls, 12 kickbacks, 12 chest fly’s, 12 over head presses, 10 push ups Repeat each exercise for 3 sets each

Via Yahoo! News Photo credit Clutch Mag Online

VIBE VIXEN The Gun Show: Celebrity Vixen’s With The Best Arms


Vibe Vixen online asked me for my expertise this week on how to get amazing sculpted arms like your favorite celebrities. So I prescribed 5 different exercises that will get your arms in shape like Kelly Rowland, Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria, Halle Barry, and Regina King. Check out a snippet of the article below;

We focus so much on shrinking belly fat and toning our butts that we forget about building killer arms. These 5 Vixen’s have been hitting the gym to flaunt their sexy arms in hot sleeveless dresses. We tapped Celebrity Fitness Reporter and Personal Trainer Fallon Mercedes (@FitWithFallon) to teach us at-home moves to shape Vixen-worthy arms.

1. Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s tricep definition gives her arms a toned and lean appearance. Also notice, no bra bulge!

Fallon Recommends: Tricep Kickbacks for Kelly’s defined tri’s (3 sets of 12 repetitions). If you’re a beginner, start off with 2-5 lb weights, intermediate and advanced pick a weight that is still a challenge after getting up to 10 repetitions.

To find out what the other 4 exercises I recommend are, head over to vibevixen.com

Thanks @vibevixen and @andreamonique