LoLo Jones Wants Her Bobsled Booty Back!

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Olympian LoLo Jones, known for her  long jump between sports, she went from running track to bobsledding. In order to do so LoLo had to pack on the pounds, not just a couple of pounds, but thirty pounds to be able to hang with the other bobsledders.

Talk about all you can eat, this female athlete had to adhere to a strict 9,000 calorie diet to pack on the weight, including eating double bacon cheeseburgers and three 1,000 calorie protein shakes a day.

After competing at the Olympics in Russia for the American team, she decided to make the leap back over to track. This meant it was time for her to take off the pounds.

LoLo explained in an interview with even though she was happy to see the weight come off,  she was sad to see her booty go.

“It’s really tough, because I thought I could lose all the weight and I didn’t. I am still about 7 lbs overweight. And it’s not the way you want to keep it.. at first I had that nice bobsled butt, that I worked so hard to get, and I was like Yes!, this is going to stay, and all this other stuff is going to go…and the butt was the first thing to go and I was like NOOO!!! That’s the one thing I wanted to stay.”

Well LoLo if you win another medal in track, it will be well worth it! But consuming 9,0000 calories a day. Now that’s what you call dedication.


Olympian Ryan Lochte’s Most Innovative Workouts


Olympian Ryan Lochte knows how to work.

I was able to catch up with the competitive swimmer and eleven time olympic medalist on the red carpet a couple months ago at the Hall Of Game Awards, and he told me he was going hard working out prepping for the next Olympics, but the videos below definitely prove it!

Nissan Innovation is a new endurance community that captures the most athletic and fit individuals, and put together a series of videos, showcasing them running, cycling and training during workouts.

The pictures and videos below show the world record holding swimmer Ryan Lochte with his Strength and Conditioning coach Matt Delancey demonstrating one of his workouts; Box Jumps.

Picture 24

Picture 25

To build speed and power, try this full-body plyometric move. It will build strength in your upper body, core, and legs. Keep your core tight as you do the move for 6 sets of 3 reps each, jumping up onto a box about 40 inches high (start lower and progress if you need to). You can add a medicine ball (30 to 40 pounds) to do medicine ball slams, for more of a challenge (slam the ball as you jump and then catch it). This adds “chaos” to the mix so you’ll continue to see gains.

To see more of Ryan’s workouts including good mornings, snatches, and an abs routine head over to Nissan Innovation facebook page.