Kevin and Danielle Jonas Expecting Their First Child!


If you have been watching the past season of Married To Jonas on E!, than you know the struggle Kevin and Danielle were having when it came to the topic of babies. The big problem was that Danielle did not want Kevin to be on tour while having a baby. But surprisingly the timing is right for them!

Kevin just began The Jonas Brothers world tour with his two brothers Nick and Joe. Giving that the tour will only last a couple months, by the time Danielle gives birth, they will be off tour. Kevin told E! News Corresponder Giuliana Rancic:

“I was overjoyed. It’s been the most exciting thing in my life so far. I’m excited and I’m nervous.”

Just like all other celebrities who have become pregnant, we are excited to see how Danielle puts up with the baby weight!

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Snooki Participates in Mud Run


These days Snooki is definitely taking her health serious by taking many workout selfies, and showing her slimmed body since losing 40lbs after having her baby Lorenzo.

The Jersey Shore actress and fiancé Jionni La Valle participated in a 5-mile mud run with obstacle courses for the Muckfest for MS event in New Jersey.

Although going through the body transformation after having her baby, Snooki admits that the mud race was pretty rough for her, sharing on her Twitter and Celebuzz blog:

“It was so much fun and also for a great cause. The course was filled with middle obstacles along with a 5-mile run! I’m so beat right now, but what an amazing event today!”

We are cheering you on Snooks!

Fitness Correspondent: Hannah Townsley

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Kim Kardashian Attacked Over Pregnancy Weight Gain


Kim Kardashian is no newbie when it comes to being criticized especially when it has to do with her weight.

As the world knows, Kim Kardashian has entered a new stage in her life, pregnancy. It is no secret that when people become pregnant, they gain a lot of weight, so why is Kim Kardashian getting judged for being “fat” while pregnant?

Her weight story has been on dozens of magazine covers for millions of people to see. Covers stretch from, “Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Weight Gain A Ploy To Score Weight Loss Deal” to “Pregnant Kim’s Nightmare: 65-lb Weight Gain”. Others suggest that she has gained 200 pounds and Kanye is threatening to leave her if she does not lose the weight. It seems like the media is taking ownership of her body and writing and saying whatever it wants to about it.

Pre-pregnancy Kim has always been known for her fabulous curves and gorgeous looks. She has always had a rockin’ body and her workout ethic is no secret. She goes to the gym one to two times a day with a personal trainer and eats very healthy. She kept this same routine once she got pregnant due to media scrutiny, which made people wonder: is it okay to workout hardcore while you are pregnant? Medical journalist Colette Bouchez states,

“Not only is it okay to participate in fitness activities during pregnancy,
but doing so can have a positive impact on both baby and mom.”

But just because it is safe to workout, does not mean there aren’t certain restrictions. Sue Fleming, certified fitness instructor and founder of revealed,

“After the four month, your balance is affected. So that’s when you
don’t want to do anything that will put your body in an unstable
position, which is any exercise or activity that requires balance.”

To state the obvious, DON’T OVER DO IT. Non-pregnant people tend to workout until they are fatigued. It is recommended for pregnant women to stop working out before they hit exhaustion.

One way too assess yourself is try having a conversation while exercising, if the task is too hard to do both simultaneously, that means your working out too hard.

Check out Kim Kardashian’s interview with Extra:

Do you think the media should back off of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy weight gain?

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Jessica Alba’s Flat Belly Secret

Picture 25

Bouncing back after having a baby to your pre baby body usually isn’t something that can happen over night. It takes time for your workouts and clean eating habits to show results. But somehow celebrities seem to bounce back quicker then ever. It seems as if after they pop out a kid, they are covering a fitness magazine the following day.

How do they do it? Well actress Jessica Alba seems to stick by a little secret that seems to have taken her a long way.

After having her last kid she admitted she wore 2 corsets for 3 months straight in order to get her flat stomach back!

Wow! Now that’s dedication.

If wearing corsets isn’t your thing, next time your in the gym incorporate wearing a slimmer belt. A slimmer belt, is similar to what the sauna can do for you. However, there is no way to spot reduce one section, but many celebrities including Angela Simmons and others seem to stick by it.

A slimmer belt can be found at your local target store or even on here on Amazon.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian spotted at the Gym

Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym Early

Kim Kardashian known for her famous curves, has been looking extra curvy lately because she is carrying her famous boyfriend Kanye West’s baby.

Recently the very pregnant looking Kardashian was spotted headed to the gym in Studio City to get a quick maternal workout in.

Working out while pregnant is something that many people question if you should do or shouldn’t do. Working out during one’s pregnancy is safe and actually can help relieve common symptoms that occur such as back pain, fatigue and discomfort. An exercise regimen can also reduce the risk of getting gestational diabetes. WebMd highly recommends getting a clearance from your doctor prior to starting a workout regimen while pregnant. Thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise is recommended to the average woman carrying a child.