[Workout] Get A Butt Like Rihanna


Rihanna both shocked & stunned the world when she arrived to the CFDA awards this summer in a see-thru head to toe crystal ensemble. What stood out most (other than her nipples on display) was that perfect, lifted, little round tush of hers!

You would think she spent hours in the gym getting in some major squat sessions, but there are some people born with a genetic booty advantage, and Rihanna happens to be one of them. But this doesn’t mean its impossible to build up your glutes!

I put together a workout regimen that will help you get that Rihanna booty of your dreams. Whether your flat as a board, or your just in need of a lift, this workout will help anyone get ready to wear their own see-thru crystallized diamond dress, or maybe just feel confident in a Brazilian bikini bottom.

Now before you run to the treadmill or dash for the elliptical, a better booty is not created with cardio alone, it’s created with  weights as well! That’s right, to get a serious sculpted backside you’ll need to add some iron to those squats and lunges. If you are new to working out, lighter weights or even small dumbbells will give you a burn.

Remember; No burn, No booty!!!



Below is my Get A Butt Like Rihanna Workout that contains four different types of exercises; barbell squats, barbell lunges, good mornings & weighted hip thrusts. Each exercise requires 3 Sets and 6-20 reps each.

Barbell Squats:

Note;  This barbell bar alone weighs 40lbs.   Click the jump to see the rest of the butt building exercises with how to instructions. Continue reading


Chris Brown Suffers Seizure

Picture 3

Last friday in Los Angeles 24 year old singer Chris Brown suffered a seizure while at a recording studio.

His Publicist Nicole Perna blamed the seizure on intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress. A doctor examined the 24-year-old but he was not hospitalized.

According to Magdy Selin, a Professor of Nuerology she says;

About 6% to 8% of all seizures occur because of extreme stress and sleep deprivation, rather than an underlying medical condition, such as epilepsy.

Chris Brown did not suffer any major side effects from the seizure. He proved he is feeling fully recovered and back to health when he played in a charity basketball game with the LAPD just two days after the incident. Not only did he play in the game, he played very well scoring a lot of points for the children of south LA.

With any demanding career, a proper amount of sleep, nutrition and exercise are all critical in preventing such medical conditions like the one Brown experienced.

Fallon’s Fit Tip: Hydrate With Coconut Water

Picture 11

You have spotted many celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna on the scene drinking coconut water, but it’s more than just a cool looking fad to have in your hand when spotted by the papz. There are many benefits to drinking the Caribbean drink from helping with losing weight naturally, to lowering your risk for cancer.

You may be surprised to know that 100% coconut water has more potassium then a banana, It’s low in fat with no sugar added. It also includes your 5 essential electrolytes. So if you ever find yourself feeling dehydrated, grab for some coconut water quick!

Because of the benefits of all the electrolytes, it can also be used as a great hangover remedy. It acts as an aid carrying oxygen to the bloods cells, which will leaving you feeling replenished and refreshed.

The lauric acid in the water helps actively fight viruses, detoxifies the body, helps balance the PH in your body, need I say more?

To benefit from one of Mother’s natures best, look for 100% coconut water that’s organic, not from concentrate, with no preservatives.

You can also add your coconut water in your shakes when juicing. This is definitely a great summertime refreshment!


Rihanna’s “Five Factor” Diet Plan

Picture 34

After seeing Rihanna strut her stuff, and hold her own during this years Victoria’s Secret fashion show, I think we all can admit she’s a singer with a top model figure to die for!

But her flawless figure wasn’t as easy to get as she may make it look. With all the party and bikini pictures she posts on her instagram, she doesn’t show all the hard work she puts in the gym with her personal trainer Harley Pasternak.

And it wasn’t just exercise alone that got her a model like figure. A specific diet that her trainer created called the  “five factor” diet is also responsible for keeping the singer in tip top shape.

A “five factor” meal plan consists of eating five small meals a day. Each meal contains five key ingredients which are protein, fiber, complex carbs, healthy fats, and a sugar free beverage.

Rihanna is allowed to have one cheat meal a week on this plan. Harley says allowing his clients to have one day to eat a meal of their choice helps them from bailing on their diet through out the week.

He revealed;

‘If you’re good all the time, you’re more likely to slip up and feel bad about your self. If you allow yourself to have a day where to eat anything you like, you’ll stay on track the other six days. That’s the secret to a great body and it keeps Rihanna happy,’

To read more about the five factor diet head over to www.5factor.com.