Obama’s Take A Bike Ride!


When being the President does not fill up Barack’s schedule, he and his family like to go on a getaway.  On their most recent mini vacation, the family visited Martha’s Vineyard in Tisbury, Massachusetts.  Because Michelle has been motivating kid’s to workout and get some fresh air daily, it is no surprise to see the family go on a scenic bike ride.

Long story short, if the President can take time off to get some exercise, you most definitely can too!

Hit a bike trail or take a spin class to get your endorphins and blood flowing like the president and his family.

Photo Credit: Rick Friedman-Pool/Getty Images

Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli


Obama Admits His Favorite Food: Broccoli



Twitter was on fire last week, trending broccoli after President Obama admitted to a kid journalist that the green veggie was indeed his favorite food.

The president was unaware that his love for broccoli would start such a cyber food fight, with people questioning if his statement was indeed true.

Last year when asked by Oprah what his favorite was,  he explained “pizza night around the white house is pretty good”. He has also been reported to enjoy chilli, french fries and pork chops.

With his wife Michelle Obama as an ambassador for fighting child obesity, and the White House recently holding an event for the second annual “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge”, Barack’s answer was definitely a good one!

Broccoli may be his favorite food, but it seems like pizza and pork chops are his guilty food pleasures.