Jessica Simpson Is Ready To Get Married!

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We all know Jessica is one of Weight Watchers biggest fans using it constantly. And with the amount of pictures she’s posting of herself on her Instagram, we know she is looking fabulous and feels very confident these days.

The famous singer and mom of two is doing everything she can to get ready for her big wedding day.  She has lost 50 pounds since having her second child after putting on a ton of weight.  Jessica’s personal trainer Harley Pasternak told US Weekly that she strength trains an hour a day three times a week and walks at least six miles a day.  Her favorite leg workouts include bench step-overs, single-leg dead lifts, and skater lunges.

When Jessica appeared on Good Morning America, she admitted that,

For breakfast, I’m an oatmeal girl. Lunch, I do bread, so I will have a sandwich.”

She also told USA Today that having kids is a workout on its own.

“With both kids, I’m running up and down my stairs a million times.  Kids can keep your metabolism going.”


Now we know why Jessica has some of the most amazing legs known to mankind! Check out Jessica showing off those legs in her little black dress below;

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Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens Get Their Surf On!

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This past week, actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene attended the Oakley Bali Pro/Learn to Surf event on the Indonesian Island of Keramas. The two got private surfing lessons from pro surfers Erica Hosseini and Sage Erickson. While getting their surf on, the two girls looked extremely in shape. Vanessa Hudgens told US Weekly how she keeps an amazing body:

“I try to shock the body as often as possible — I think that’s really important,” she said. “I do Soul Cycle constantly, do a lot of Pilates, a lot of yoga for the mind, dancing, kickboxing, hiking. . . anything and everything!”

The Oakley Bali Pro is a surf competition where surfers all over the world compete. This specific competition supports the Reef Check Foundation, which works with reef preservation all over the world.

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Rob Kardashian’s Dramatic Weight Loss


Twenty-six year old Rob Kardashian revealed his dramatic weight loss Saturday at a meet and greet in Las Vegas for his Arthur George Sock Collection.

The world has always seen Rob battle with his weight in front of the camera, but now he is determined to shed the pounds. He told US Weekly back in March that he weighed 235 pounds. In the past season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, a clip shows that Rob blames his weight gain on his past relationship with Rita Ora stating,

“It’s crazy how this whole year, my whole relationship was only negative. All I did was gain f–king 40 pounds and lose so much money. I’m so insecure. I weigh like 215 pounds. I hate pictures. I hate everything.”

This past February, Rob made the effort to start a new diet and workout plan. He has been posting pictures on his personal Instagram and Twitter of his workout and diet regime. Rob exercises twice a day and even brings friends with him for more motivation. He has been known for going on weekly hikes at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles with a group of twenty-five to thirty people including rapper The Game. He also trains with a personal trainer telling US Weekly,

“… I’m kind of doing my own thing with Lamar’s trainer. He’s on salary since he was 19 years old, so he works for us. I’ve been spending time with him.”

Even though Rob Kardashian looks great, he admits,

“I still have to lose like 40 to 50 pounds believe it or not. Six months I should be there.”

Keep it up Rob!

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Fitness Correspondent: Stefani Romagnoli

Actress Denise Richards Criticized For Being Too Skinny


Skinny has always been in, in Hollywood. There is so much pressure for celebrities to be in the best shape possible. But, is there such a thing as being too skinny? Denise Richards has been catching a lot of flack for her thin appearance lately. Our friends over at US Magazine got the Skinny on the actress;

Denise Richards isn’t wasting away, despite rumors to the contrary. In recent weeks, the Twisted actress has been criticized for supposedly looking “painfully thin” and “extra skinny” by several media outlets, including The SunRadar OnlineThe Daily Mail and E! News. The 42-year-old mother of three defended her athletic build during the Radio Disney Music Awards in L.A. Apr. 27.

“I don’t know why lately I’ve been getting so much flack for it,” Richards told Extra. “I have a very healthy lifestyle and I’m busy.”

The Pilates devotee added, 

“What bothers me is I have three daughters. I’m such an advocate for health and fitness… In moderation, we eat ice cream all the time. I had grilled cheese before we got here!”

In fact, at Carbon Audio’s launch party for Zooka in West Hollywood on Aug. 3, 2012, Richards told Us Weekly her girls are healthy eaters by choice.

“They actually like to cut up fresh vegetables with ranch dressing on the side. That’s their favorite!” she shared. “They love helping. They like making salads because they like chopping things up and rinsing the lettuce. Nothing too fancy!”

What do you think about Denise’s thin appearance, is she too skinny? Let us know in the comment section below.

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