VIBE VIXEN The Gun Show: Celebrity Vixen’s With The Best Arms


Vibe Vixen online asked me for my expertise this week on how to get amazing sculpted arms like your favorite celebrities. So I prescribed 5 different exercises that will get your arms in shape like Kelly Rowland, Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria, Halle Barry, and Regina King. Check out a snippet of the article below;

We focus so much on shrinking belly fat and toning our butts that we forget about building killer arms. These 5 Vixen’s have been hitting the gym to flaunt their sexy arms in hot sleeveless dresses. We tapped Celebrity Fitness Reporter and Personal Trainer Fallon Mercedes (@FitWithFallon) to teach us at-home moves to shape Vixen-worthy arms.

1. Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s tricep definition gives her arms a toned and lean appearance. Also notice, no bra bulge!

Fallon Recommends: Tricep Kickbacks for Kelly’s defined tri’s (3 sets of 12 repetitions). If you’re a beginner, start off with 2-5 lb weights, intermediate and advanced pick a weight that is still a challenge after getting up to 10 repetitions.

To find out what the other 4 exercises I recommend are, head over to

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