Justin Bieber Is Back In The Gym & Warns #DontBeScared


Justin Bieber has been flexing on Instagram but warns his Beliebers #DontBeScared. He recently has been sporting his shirtless self around the Hollywood scene, exuding much confidence with his defined set of abs and pecks on display.

Justin likes to get a good workout in, in the gym but also outdoors. If he’s not doing crunches or doing bicep curls with his trainer @thepatricknilsson, he’s hiking the canyons or skateboarding around for the Paparazzi to see.

A 1 hour session on a skateboard can burn up to 300 calories, hiking 200 calories or more (depending on the incline & speed.)

Didn’t it seem like just yesterday when Justin was a little boy with a fish bowl hair cut and no tattoos? lol. Boy they sure do grow up fast!

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Halle Berry Jokes About Her “Geriatric Pregnancy”

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Halle Berry has been making her media rounds for her new television show “Extant”, about a female Astronaut who returns from a 12 month journey in space pregnant! Although this new sci-fi television series has a very interesting story line, everyone really wants to know about her new baby boy.

On Ellen’s couch, Halle  opened up about giving birth to her second baby Maceo , and what it was like giving birth at age 46. She joked that while in the hospital she got a glimpse of her medical chart and realized it said “geriatric pregnancy“.

She explained to Ellen;

“I didn’t think it was possible at my age…. I was, you know, on my way–this is probably way TMI–but I was really, you know, kind of pre-menopausal. So to have this happen was a huge.”

Halle went on to explain that this miracle pregnancy she believes was due to her daughter Nahla’s prayers asking God for a little brother or sister, “Only her prayers could have done this.”

“Two things that I swore I would never ever do again in life. I mean, I didn’t think it was possible to have another baby and I thought for sure I had a need never to get married again. So, I’ve learned never to say never,”

In July of 2013, Halle Berry wed her second husband French actor Olivier Martinez in a private ceremony.

Wondering what a geriatric pregnancy is, well it’s not a what it may sound like, it’s not your grandma having a baby. It’s when a woman who is 35 years old or older becomes pregnant. This was once an uncommon thing, but in today’s society 2 out of 10 pregnant women are now giving birth after the age of thirty.

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Looking like a natural runner, Halle Berry was spotted getting some miles in while on set filming for Extant. Running may have been attributed to helping this actress get her pre-baby body back.  As far as her diet,  Halle has to stick to a strict high protein and low carb diet, avoiding sugary drinks due to her type 2 diabetes. The actress explained, she once passed out and was unconscious for a week due to her not taking care of her disease;


“One day, I simply passed out, and I didn’t wake up for seven days, which is obviously very serious.”


Wow!!! Now that’s serious. Happy you have it under control now Halle.



Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards Snags New Reality Series & Reveals Her Secret Workout To Success


Olympic Gold medalist Sanya Richards is known for her athletic abilities but soon she will be known for much more.

The four time gold medalist will be hitting your televisions this summer starring in her own reality show called “Glam and Gold” which chronicles her life as an athlete, a business woman, and a wife to NFL player Richard Ross.

The hour long show first started off as a pilot last year, showcasing Sanya preparing for the Olympics in London. Back from London with lots of success under her belt, Mrs Richards- Ross is ready to take on the world.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Ross made their debut on WE tv showcasing their nupitials in 2010 when they got married on the channels show “Platinum Weddings“. The two were college sweat hearts who found a common love in each and in sports.

Even though Sanya stays busy with business ventures like having a hair salon, pursuing a career in entertainment, and being a wife to a Super Bowl Champion, she still finds time to train hard and workout.

Sanya typically works out five times a week on the track, incorporating weight training to her regimen as well. She admits that her secret to being a great athlete is pilates;

“My training regimens consist of my workouts on the track, weight lifting, and what people might not think I do, and what I really enjoy doing is pilates. Besides being on the track five days a week and lifting weights which I believe it helps me build my strength my stamina (but) I think pilates has been a great secret to my success. It has helped me to prevent most injuries by increasing my core strength and flexibility. I think pilates is a small thing that I do but a phenomenal thing that adds into the picture that makes me a great athlete”

Sanya also enjoys working out with her husband, explaining they better each other and push each other out on in the field and in life.

“At first he couldn’t keep up with me, but now he pushes me”

Check out the clip of the two love birds working out together in the clip below;

A thousand sit ups a day?? Wow! I can see why Sanya is a winner! Check out her Glam & Gold reality show that premieres on WE tv this summer.

The Cheryl Burke DWTS Warm Up

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Some of us have two left feet, and may not have the body of a dancer, nor may be flexible like one. If this sounds like you, our favorite Dancing With The Stars Dancer Cheryl Burke can give you hope.

Burke recently shared with Yahoo! Sports how important it is to warm up before getting into any dance routine. She says that it actually can help you become a better dancer.

“I am not one of those girls who just land in a split. I need to warm up to be flexible” 

Burke recommends a quick eight-minute warm-up routine before getting into any hard-core work out.

The warm up helps to strengthen and stretch out the muscles for the hips, thighs, and ankles. Burke suggests it be done three days a week, starting with jumping jacks for two minutes before going into the moves.

Next time your two left feet get in the way take Cheryl’s advice by engaging in a proper warm up before you jump out on the dance floor.

Fitness Correspondent Hannah Townley Via Yahoo!

Actress Denise Richards Criticized For Being Too Skinny


Skinny has always been in, in Hollywood. There is so much pressure for celebrities to be in the best shape possible. But, is there such a thing as being too skinny? Denise Richards has been catching a lot of flack for her thin appearance lately. Our friends over at US Magazine got the Skinny on the actress;

Denise Richards isn’t wasting away, despite rumors to the contrary. In recent weeks, the Twisted actress has been criticized for supposedly looking “painfully thin” and “extra skinny” by several media outlets, including The SunRadar OnlineThe Daily Mail and E! News. The 42-year-old mother of three defended her athletic build during the Radio Disney Music Awards in L.A. Apr. 27.

“I don’t know why lately I’ve been getting so much flack for it,” Richards told Extra. “I have a very healthy lifestyle and I’m busy.”

The Pilates devotee added, 

“What bothers me is I have three daughters. I’m such an advocate for health and fitness… In moderation, we eat ice cream all the time. I had grilled cheese before we got here!”

In fact, at Carbon Audio’s launch party for Zooka in West Hollywood on Aug. 3, 2012, Richards told Us Weekly her girls are healthy eaters by choice.

“They actually like to cut up fresh vegetables with ranch dressing on the side. That’s their favorite!” she shared. “They love helping. They like making salads because they like chopping things up and rinsing the lettuce. Nothing too fancy!”

What do you think about Denise’s thin appearance, is she too skinny? Let us know in the comment section below.

Read more: US Magazine

“Fit Mondays”: Angela Simmons Gives Us A Peek Into Her Workout

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We kicked off the first “Fit Monday” this week on NecoleBitchie.com interviewing Angela Simmons, who talks fitness with us, and premieres her new fitness webisode.

“If you are a follower of Angela Simmons on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed over the past few months that the girl has been putting in work in the gym and showing off amazing results.  Now, she’s giving the world a peek into her fitness sessions through a web series that shows her vigorous workout at Ultimate Gym in New York with Coach Nelson of Supreme Team Boxing. The videos includes various plyometric style exercises and weight resistant routines as well as tips on the best way to warm up, cool down and stretch during your workout.  Angela also admits to wearing a waist band while exercising which helps her shed excess weight and achieve more definition in her ab area.”

Head over to NecoleBitchie.com to read more on what types of workouts Angela does, her favorite body part to train and special fitness tips she wants to share with you.

Check out her first fitness webisode below;


Hollywood Food Trend: Hemp Protein

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Hollywood is ditching the processed whey protein to get slim and trim. Instead, celebrities are replacing their original whey protein for Hemp. Even though hemp is the sister plant to marijuana, it has no THC in it. Charlize Theron is a big fan of hemp shakes. Hemp is known for boosting your energy for hours, it curves your cravings and detoxifies the body. Arguably the best protein on the market, those who have food sensitivities like allergies or other restrictions, should give this alternative protein a try,

Try this celebrity inspired Hemp protein shake recipe below;

  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 cup Frozen Blueberries
  • 3 drops of Liquid Stevia (optional)
  • 1-2 tb Hemp Protein Powder
  • 1 tb of Cinnamon

Justin Timberlakes “Suit & Tie” Workout


Back on the scene Mr. Timberlake is dressed to impress with a new look and new feel to his music.

With his latest single “suit & tie” Justin is definitely bringing sexy back for round 2. Looking sexy dressed up starts off with looking sexy stripped down to your birthday suit. Here is a workout inspired by Justin Timberlake that will help you look good clothes on or off.


A. Begin in a squat position with hands out in front of you.

B. Jump your feet back while simultaneously lowering yourself into a plank position.

C. Immediately return your feet to a squat position.

D. Jump up exploding out of your squat position as high as you can. After landing, repeat A through D.

*Do this exercise 3x for 1 minute straight with 30 second rest in between sets.

*Advanced: Replace your planks with push ups

Need a little eye candy as motivation for your workout? Click here to see Justin’s “Suit & Tie” video.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance Is A Great Workout!

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Beyonce shut down the Superbowl during the half time perfomance in New Orleans yesterday. Literally she shut it down by causing half the stadiums lights to go out. Her performance was filled with pyrotechnic explosions, halograms, singing and you can not forget all that dancing.

It was 13 minutes of straight all out high intensity choreography. Filled with dips, kicks, rolls, turns, all in heels that work every major muscle in the body. Mrs. Carter’s half time performance was one heck of a cardio session working her glutes, quads and core.

Beyonce has admitted before that what helps her stay in shape, and what helped her lose weight after giving birth to her daughter was dancing.

Spice up your cardio session by putting on your heels, turning on the music and dancing away. A one hour dance session in heels can burn up to 800 calories or more.